Tell It Slant Tuesday Riffshot ~ “Song of the Open Road” by Walt Whitman Acoustic Ambiance ~ The Rippingtons – “Where The Road Will Lead Us”

Beginner's Mind Suzuki Philosophy Courtesy of jazzadvice_dot_com
Beginner’s Mind Suzuki Philosophy Courtesy of jazzadvice_dot_com

Song of the Open Road is a 1944 musical comedy film directed by S. Sylvan Simon, from a screenplay by Irving Phillips and Edward Verdier. It was the debut film of teenage singer Jane Powell. Powell’s real name was Suzanne Burce, but prior to the release of this film MGM assigned her the stage name “Jane Powell” (the name of the character she portrays in this film).[1]  …Hope you enjoy a mindfulness improv moment in jazz with an open mind and heart…Peace Out & Love JBC 😎 <3.

Song of the Open Road



Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road,

Healthy, free, the world before me,

The long brown path before me leading wherever I choose.


Henceforth I ask not good-fortune, I myself am good-fortune,

Henceforth I whimper no more, postpone no more, need nothing,

Done with indoor complaints, libraries, querulous criticisms,

Strong and content I travel the open road.


The earth, that is sufficient,

I do not want the constellations any nearer,

I know they are very well where they are,

I know they suffice for those who belong to them.


(Still here I carry my old delicious burdens,

I carry them, men and women, I carry them with me wherever I go,

I swear it is impossible for me to get rid of them,

I am fill’d with them, and I will fill them in return.)



You road I enter upon and look around, I believe you are not all that is here,

I believe that much unseen is also here.


Here the profound lesson of reception, nor preference nor denial,

The black with his woolly head, the felon, the diseas’d, the illiterate person, are not denied;

The birth, the hasting after the physician, the beggar’s tramp, the drunkard’s stagger, the laughing party of mechanics,

The escaped youth, the rich person’s carriage, the fop, the eloping couple,


The early market-man, the hearse, the moving of furniture into the town, the return back from the town,

They pass, I also pass, any thing passes, none can be interdicted,

None but are accepted, none but shall be dear to me.



You air that serves me with breath to speak!

You objects that call from diffusion my meanings and give them shape!

You light that wraps me and all things in delicate equable showers!

You paths worn in the irregular hollows by the roadsides!

I believe you are latent with unseen existences, you are so dear to me.


You flagg’d walks of the cities! you strong curbs at the edges!

You ferries! you planks and posts of wharves! you timber-lined sides! you distant ships!


You rows of houses! you window-pierc’d façades! you roofs!

You porches and entrances! you copings and iron guards!

You windows whose transparent shells might expose so much!

You doors and ascending steps! you arches!

You gray stones of interminable pavements! you trodden crossings!

From all that has touch’d you I believe you have imparted to yourselves, and now would impart the same secretly to me,

From the living and the dead you have peopled your impassive surfaces, and the spirits thereof would be evident and amicable with me.



The earth expanding right hand and left hand,

The picture alive, every part in its best light,

The music falling in where it is wanted, and stopping where it is not wanted,

The cheerful voice of the public road, the gay fresh sentiment of the road.


O highway I travel, do you say to me Do not leave me?

Do you say Venture not—if you leave me you are lost?

Do you say I am already prepared, I am well-beaten and undenied, adhere to me?


O public road, I say back I am not afraid to leave you, yet I love you,

You express me better than I can express myself,

You shall be more to me than my poem.


I think heroic deeds were all conceiv’d in the open air, and all free poems also,

I think I could stop here myself and do miracles,

I think whatever I shall meet on the road I shall like, and whoever beholds me shall like me,

I think whoever I see must be happy.



From this hour I ordain myself loos’d of limits and imaginary lines,

Going where I list, my own master total and absolute,

Listening to others, considering well what they say,

Pausing, searching, receiving, contemplating,

Gently,but with undeniable will, divesting myself of the holds that would hold me.

I inhale great draughts of space,

The east and the west are mine, and the north and the south are mine.


I am larger, better than I thought,

I did not know I held so much goodness.


All seems beautiful to me,

I can repeat over to men and women You have done such good to me I would do the same to you,

I will recruit for myself and you as I go,

I will scatter myself among men and women as I go,

I will toss a new gladness and roughness among them,

Whoever denies me it shall not trouble me,

Whoever accepts me he or she shall be blessed and shall bless me.



Now if a thousand perfect men were to appear it would not amaze me,

Now if a thousand beautiful forms of women appear’d it would not astonish me.


Now I see the secret of the making of the best persons,

It is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth.


Here a great personal deed has room,

(Such a deed seizes upon the hearts of the whole race of men,

Its effusion of strength and will overwhelms law and mocks all authority and all argument against it.)


Here is the test of wisdom,

Wisdom is not finally tested in schools,

Wisdom cannot be pass’d from one having it to another not having it,

Wisdom is of the soul, is not susceptible of proof, is its own proof,

Applies to all stages and objects and qualities and is content,

Is the certainty of the reality and immortality of things, and the excellence of things;

Something there is in the float of the sight of things that provokes it out of the soul.


Now I re-examine philosophies and religions,

They may prove well in lecture-rooms, yet not prove at all under the spacious clouds and along the landscape and flowing currents.


Here is realization,

Here is a man tallied—he realizes here what he has in him,

The past, the future, majesty, love—if they are vacant of you, you are vacant of them.


Only the kernel of every object nourishes;

Where is he who tears off the husks for you and me?

Where is he that undoes stratagems and envelopes for you and me?


Here is adhesiveness, it is not previously fashion’d, it is apropos;

Do you know what it is as you pass to be loved by strangers?

Do you know the talk of those turning eye-balls?



Here is the efflux of the soul,

The efflux of the soul comes from within through embower’d gates, ever provoking questions,

These yearnings why are they? these thoughts in the darkness why are they?

Why are there men and women that while they are nigh me the sunlight expands my blood?

Why when they leave me do my pennants of joy sink flat and lank?

Why are there trees I never walk under but large and melodious thoughts descend upon me?

(I think they hang there winter and summer on those trees and always drop fruit as I pass;)

What is it I interchange so suddenly with strangers?

What with some driver as I ride on the seat by his side?

What with some fisherman drawing his seine by the shore as I walk by and pause?

What gives me to be free to a woman’s and man’s good-will? what gives them to be free to mine?



The efflux of the soul is happiness, here is happiness,

I think it pervades the open air, waiting at all times,

Now it flows unto us, we are rightly charged.


Here rises the fluid and attaching character,

The fluid and attaching character is the freshness and sweetness of man and woman,

(The herbs of the morning sprout no fresher and sweeter every day out of the roots of themselves, than it sprouts fresh and sweet continually out of itself.)


Toward the fluid and attaching character exudes the sweat of the love of young and old,

From it falls distill’d the charm that mocks beauty and attainments,

Toward it heaves the shuddering longing ache of contact.



Allons! whoever you are come travel with me!

Traveling with me you find what never tires.


The earth never tires,

The earth is rude, silent, incomprehensible at first, Nature is rude and incomprehensible at first,

Be not discouraged, keep on, there are divine things well envelop’d,

I swear to you there are divine things more beautiful than words can tell.


Allons! we must not stop here,

However sweet these laid-up stores, however convenient this dwelling we cannot remain here,

However shelter’d this port and however calm these waters we must not anchor here,

However welcome the hospitality that surrounds us we are permitted to receive it but a little while.



Allons! the inducements shall be greater,

We will sail pathless and wild seas,

We will go where winds blow, waves dash, and the Yankee clipper speeds by under full sail.


Allons! with power, liberty, the earth, the elements,

Health, defiance, gayety, self-esteem, curiosity;

Allons! from all formules!

From your formules, O bat-eyed and materialistic priests.


The stale cadaver blocks up the passage—the burial waits no longer.


Allons! yet take warning!

He traveling with me needs the best blood, thews, endurance,

None may come to the trial till he or she bring courage and health,

Come not here if you have already spent the best of yourself,

Only those may come who come in sweet and determin’d bodies,

No diseas’d person, no rum-drinker or venereal taint is permitted here.


(I and mine do not convince by arguments, similes, rhymes,

We convince by our presence.)



Listen! I will be honest with you,

I do not offer the old smooth prizes, but offer rough new prizes,

These are the days that must happen to you:

You shall not heap up what is call’d riches,

You shall scatter with lavish hand all that you earn or achieve,

You but arrive at the city to which you were destin’d, you hardly settle yourself to satisfaction before you are call’d by an irresistible call to depart,

You shall be treated to the ironical smiles and mockings of those who remain behind you,

What beckonings of love you receive you shall only answer with passionate kisses of parting,

You shall not allow the hold of those who spread their reach’d hands toward you.



Allons! after the great Companions, and to belong to them!

They too are on the road—they are the swift and majestic men—they are the greatest women,

Enjoyers of calms of seas and storms of seas,

Sailors of many a ship, walkers of many a mile of land,

Habituès of many distant countries, habituès of far-distant dwellings,

Trusters of men and women, observers of cities, solitary toilers,

Pausers and contemplators of tufts, blossoms, shells of the shore,

Dancers at wedding-dances, kissers of brides, tender helpers of children, bearers of children,

Soldiers of revolts, standers by gaping graves, lowerers-down of coffins,

Journeyers over consecutive seasons, over the years, the curious years each emerging from that which preceded it,

Journeyers as with companions, namely their own diverse phases,

Forth-steppers from the latent unrealized baby-days,

Journeyers gayly with their own youth, journeyers with their bearded and well-grain’d manhood,

Journeyers with their womanhood, ample, unsurpass’d, content,

Journeyers with their own sublime old age of manhood or womanhood,

Old age, calm, expanded, broad with the haughty breadth of the universe,

Old age, flowing free with the delicious near-by freedom of death.



Allons! to that which is endless as it was beginningless,

To undergo much, tramps of days, rests of nights,

To merge all in the travel they tend to, and the days and nights they tend to,

Again to merge them in the start of superior journeys,

To see nothing anywhere but what you may reach it and pass it,

To conceive no time, however distant, but what you may reach it and pass it,

To look up or down no road but it stretches and waits for you, however long but it stretches and waits for you,

To see no being, not God’s or any, but you also go thither,

To see no possession but you may possess it, enjoying all without labor or purchase, abstracting the feast yet not abstracting one particle of it,

To take the best of the farmer’s farm and the rich man’s elegant villa, and the chaste blessings of the well-married couple, and the fruits of orchards and flowers of gardens,

To take to your use out of the compact cities as you pass through,

To carry buildings and streets with you afterward wherever you go,

To gather the minds of men out of their brains as you encounter them, to gather the love out of their hearts,

To take your lovers on the road with you, for all that you leave them behind you,

To know the universe itself as a road, as many roads, as roads for traveling souls.


All parts away for the progress of souls,

All religion, all solid things, arts, governments—all that was or is apparent upon this globe or any globe, falls into niches and corners before the procession of souls along the grand roads of the universe.


Of the progress of the souls of men and women along the grand roads of the universe, all other progress is the needed emblem and sustenance.


Forever alive, forever forward,

Stately, solemn, sad, withdrawn, baffled, mad, turbulent, feeble, dissatisfied,

Desperate, proud, fond, sick, accepted by men, rejected by men,

They go! they go! I know that they go, but I know not where they go,

But I know that they go toward the best—toward something great.


Whoever you are, come forth! or man or woman come forth!

You must not stay sleeping and dallying there in the house, though you built it, or though it has been built for you.


Out of the dark confinement! out from behind the screen!

It is useless to protest, I know all and expose it.


Behold through you as bad as the rest,

Through the laughter, dancing, dining, supping, of people,

Inside of dresses and ornaments, inside of those wash’d and trimm’d faces,

Behold a secret silent loathing and despair.


No husband, no wife, no friend, trusted to hear the confession,

Another self, a duplicate of every one, skulking and hiding it goes,

Formless and wordless through the streets of the cities, polite and bland in the parlors,

In the cars of railroads, in steamboats, in the public assembly,

Home to the houses of men and women, at the table, in the bedroom, everywhere,

Smartly attired, countenance smiling, form upright, death under the breast-bones, hell under the skull-bones,

Under the broadcloth and gloves, under the ribbons and artificial flowers,

Keeping fair with the customs, speaking not a syllable of itself,

Speaking of any thing else but never of itself.



Allons! through struggles and wars!

The goal that was named cannot be countermanded.


Have the past struggles succeeded?

What has succeeded? yourself? your nation? Nature?

Now understand me well—it is provided in the essence of things that from any fruition of success, no matter what, shall come forth something to make a greater struggle necessary.


My call is the call of battle, I nourish active rebellion,

He going with me must go well arm’d,

He going with me goes often with spare diet, poverty, angry enemies, desertions.



Allons! the road is before us!

It is safe—I have tried it—my own feet have tried it well—be not detain’d!


Let the paper remain on the desk unwritten, and the book on the shelf unopen’d!

Let the tools remain in the workshop! let the money remain unearn’d!

Let the school stand! mind not the cry of the teacher!

Let the preacher preach in his pulpit! let the lawyer plead in the court, and the judge expound the law.


Camerado, I give you my hand!

I give you my love more precious than money,

I give you myself before preaching or law;

Will you give me yourself? will you come travel with me?

Shall we stick by each other as long as we live?

Symbol 4 Inner Peace & Strength
Symbol 4 Inner Peace & Strength

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Friday Free Write ~ Jazz Improv Flash Notes on Getting to Know Who You Are featuring David Benoit’s “Human Nature”

Romare Bearden Odyssey - a trip of self discovery
Romare Bearden Odyssey – a trip of self discovery
“Life is to be lived, not controlled; and humanity is won by continuing to play in the face of certain defeat.” ― Ralph EllisonInvisible Man

Our experiences shape and make us into the people we are today.  But that does not clarify who we really are or for that matter what we are passionate about or what we want from life or what our purpose is.

We develop beliefs and values albeit good and not so good from our environment.  The pressure from society to conform plays the biggest role in how these virtues are developed.

When I was younger, I thought academic achievement and fitting in defined my self-worth.

The sunrise cast a warm glow through my picture window early on that early Monday morning in February, 1965.  Dad is sitting at the piano in our living room making last-minute notations on the songs for rehearsal later today.  He is my five a.m. wake up call. I would hear dulcet tones sending a breath of notes across my mind to the beat of my existence.  It was a series of riffs and changes with a syncopated harmonic intent.  It had a rhythm that majestically brought a sense of devotion to each note.  The sound of him hitting each piano key gave the house a mystery, transforming life and setting our house apart from the rest of the houses on Wilton Place….

…Growing up, I was the “native” daughter of a 60s Jazz arranger/conductor where the reining tradition was parents (‘rents) had the final word.  I slump down in my seat staring out the window trying to recover.  I feel betrayed.   Deep down inside I always felt like I was a visitor especially when it came to expressing my feelings and even more so in the world.  To me being mixed race or checking the “Other” box is a perfect witness to my life.  My father was a very complicated man of contradictions.  So reading and writing poems became my escape.    It liberated me from the labyrinths of insuperable gender and race biases that tend to dissipate little girls like me.

I would hole up in my room for hours overhearing myself admit difficult truths that I could not hide from.  It welcomed creative inspirations into my sensory consciousness.    It gave me the chance to explore and discover the province of sound and words.   I found my rhythm. Mom taught me how to read when I was 3.  I was eleven years old when I had fallen in love with sound, art and most of all words.  Dad throughout all the civil rights Tsunami did not faze him because he was driven to do the best on all levels for the upcoming Festival.  I followed suit in my own little way.  I survived by living in disguise. Since I was very young, the sanctity of my bedroom provided a canvas where I hoped, dreamed, set my own values and aspirations.  When I left my room I had to leave them behind like my books and other treasures tucked away on a shelf nestled in the opposite corner of the room.  I knew that Dad loved me, not without surrendering and bartering my own thoughts and feelings when he told me what I was supposed to want.  Dad repeatedly drummed into me that …being a doctor is where it’s at.  My foray into the jazz world began when I could feel my father’s intensity and determination given to each note; I mirrored that sensation into words at my desk.  I discovered and accepted the gifts and talents that Grandpa used to tell me… were gifts God gave me.  I let go of my family “persona”  free to let my imagination come alive and tap into my personal sense of purpose and who I really am.  Early mornings I would lie in bed hearing the music climb the stairs, it had a purpose, it had an intent – it was harmonic, it had a rhythm that grabbed my heart and rendered the beats to prepare me to go to my desk open my curtains and let the burst of the morning gently touch my face.  Jazz was transformative.  I was paralyzed by the feeling of losing my father’s love if I chose to follow my star.  I needed for him to tell me things would be okay.  That he would help me, encourage me, teach me the way things are in the world I was living.  How did he do it?  Every time I tried to step out of the role he created in the song he wrote for me, he would resist.  So I would withdraw and try to convince myself that he knows what’s best for me.  I was so conflicted when he would teach me how to sight sing from sheet music, take me to his rehearsals and ask what instrument I wanted to learn how to play?  There were definitely rules of conduct and engagement with others in the Jazz world.  There were two distinct behaviors, one associated with our home and private life and the one associated with our public life.  I spent most of the time in my room.  There the only rule was to be myself.

So here are suggested secret habits of Jazz Living that I learned that have helped me to find myself:

  • You do not have to prove or define your worth.

It is not up for debate.  You cannot change your circumstance by saying If I do everything my parents or loved one wants then I will be accepted or loved.  Not only is that self-deprecating and destructive it places your value outside of who you really are…worthy of love, respect, and compassion.

  • Take 5 to explore different things to find the things you enjoy.

Begin by having a mindfulness meditation on what things you would do if you were stranded on an island or in the country or even a big city and see what you would like to do and need.  Would you need a guitar, books, art supplies, a camera or would you run or dance in place or create a movie?  Explore what makes you feel comforted, and what comes naturally to you.  You can sign up for classes in dance, guitar lessons, listen to a different music to find out what resonates with you.

  • Let go of expectationsBe yourself!

Stop worrying about what the outcome will be.  Others have always tried to help me to find myself and granted that was wonderful but what I learned from the musicians when I went to their rehearsals was you have to discovers what makes you tick.  What gives you joy and what gives you pause.  Let your inner soul free to fly or sail to where ever it may lead you.

  • Take care of yourself.

Follow your gut.  If something doesn’t feel right, listen to yourself.  Give yourself a break at least, well in my case, a hundred times a day.  If something isn’t going the way I want it to, step back and see what it is you really want from the situation.

  • Fitting in is not the name of the game.

“The real treasure is not reaching your destination; it’s getting the most out of the journey.”

When you are living in the moment and being yourself you will attract authentic and lasting friendships into your life.  People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

Your life is not set in stone.  You are the creator of your life and the choices you make.  You are Awesome and if someone tells you otherwise, tell them Haters Not Allowed.  Peace and Love Out!  JBC  😎 & ❤

Symbol 4 Inner Peace & Strength
Symbol 4 Inner Peace & Strength

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Jazz 4 The Holidays ~ Tell It Slant Tuesday ~ Awakening to Jazz and the Abstract Truth featuring Dizzy Gillespie performing “Things Are Here” W/Special Meditation on “Truth”

Jazz on a pallete

This is a mixed media collage I made in 2008 entitled Jazz Palette.

 Tell all the truth but tell it slant,

Success in circuit lies,
Too bright for our infirm delight
The truth’s superb surprise;

As lightning to the children eased
With explanation kind,
The truth must dazzle gradually
Or every man be blind.  ~ Emily Dickinson

I am in the present. I cannot know what tomorrow will bring forth. I can know only what the truth is for me today. That is what I am called upon to serve, and I serve it in all lucidity.” ~ Igor Stravinsky
That is the funny thing about truth.  Especially at any given moment.  That is why I love poetry.  It is timeless in its truths and it speaks to what is going on and the choices.  The only constant is the fluidity of truth and time as they share the same space.  I started ‘Tell It Slant Tuesday’ because it brings about the abstract and sentient emotions that are always tempered by grace and time.  Peace Out!

The truth is- Jazz on a page has been exclusionary and diminished by race and ethnicity.  It continues to vilify and politicize this artform by promoting separatism and discrimination and inequality in the same manner in which America was founded.  Many jazz writers and journalists continue to write about Jazz as a form of social and economic justice for African Americans.  Jazz is an artform.  It is defined as a means of creative expression, as poetry, song, or a specific creative genre, as the sonnet, based on traditional structures, standards, and principles according to Webster’s New World College Dictionary.  As a writer and a native daughter of jazz. I really want to know what it is like to be born into jazz, because all the written words about jazz so far turns out to be quite disquieting and lies on a canvas of discomfort. Understanding and appreciating “Jazz”  when characterized as a vanishing or dying art has placed this American artform under a lens that is marred by racism, chauvinism, provincial, insular and is socially depraved.  However, when witnessed and seen through innocence from the soul and inner world of jazz, it allows us to preserve something of value  and   we embrace jazz as nothing more than a healing, inspiring, transforming and awakening acoustic artform.   More to come….Peace & Love Out!  JBC 😎 & ❤

As a special treat…A short meditation on Truth

Symbol of Love
Symbol of Love

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OMG! I’ve been Nominated 4 “Versatile Blogger Award”


What a pleasant surprise to see that I was nominated by bj scribbles for the Versatile blogger award yesterday.  Please check out their awesome blog @ https://bjsscribbles.wordpress.com/about/   I am down to the last finishing details that are a part of my awakening to my creative writing life.  I picked the setting that most duplicates the one affiliated with the Sound that has drawn me to heart’s desire.  As part of this award here are 7 little known facts about me (hoping they mean little 2 U:

1) I am the person I am because I have had plenty practice being the person other folks wanted me to be

2) I love jazz and improvisation but  I am not a musician

3)  I realized that in order to be a good writer you have to absolutely love to read

4)  Jazz is the portal to my soul, BrCa & Guillain Barré Syndrome (like MS) taught me what life and my purpose is

5)  I love to make folks smile

6) I can look at the ocean and stay for hours watching the waves and my thoughts ebb and flow and watch surfers make incredible statements

7)  I love being a chick without a plan because my path is in my heart and learning to trust ourselves and have confidence without expectations is the only way to fly

I nominate

!)  DeRicki Johnson

2)  Food Photography & France


3)  unexpectedincommonhours


4)  A. Blake


5)  Nancy Loderick


6)  Daniellajoe


7)  Modern Age Spirituality


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11) Helen Samia

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15)  bj brooks


This is just a small homage to the tokens that I follow and love.  There there are so many, but just for now here are the blogs that are at the tip of my fingers….Best Wishes and Peace & Love Out!  JBC 😎 & ❤


Poet’s Beat ~ The Sounds of Forgiveness featuring the Black Jazz Consortium performing “Forgiveness” with a Special Short on Befriending Your Mind, Befriending Your Life: Jon Kabat-Zinn


Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.Martin Luther King, Jr.


By Jazzybeatchick

Forgiveness is the ability

to cleanse the soul like a hot spring,

that creates a warmth that eases the pain of  life’s resistance.

Forgiveness is not for the person who hurt you, it is the stream that

flows through our hearts to open and heal.

Forgiveness is the courage to let go of the hurt and restore the power

of wisdom and grace of  Self.

I don’t know about you, but for me, I have made some pretty big whoppers in my life.  Thankfully they were only due to lapses in my intention brought on by negative thoughts made for some pretty big Resistance and Mistakes.  Resistance in the form of negative emotions is like the chain that binds us to our one room cell with no windows. No matter how badly we desire better days, the sun won’t shine in such a place until we let go of our current perceptions and emotionalized positions and choose to be open to a new way of seeing things, thus unshackling ourselves from mental and emotional slavery and allowing ourselves the freedom to explore other rooms, brighter ones with plenty of windows! Eventually, you can escape this metaphorical house altogether and experience ultimate freedom and peace of mind.  It seems as though forgiveness is a concept that came from biblical times. With the increase in school shootings, sexual assault, violence in our homes and streets, the only healthy response for healing is Forgiveness. Mental research suggests that when we apply forgiveness into our daily lives there are countless benefits to your health and wellbeing.  Improvisation only works as a catalyst when we are relaxed and balanced in mind and spirit.

Forgiveness is releasing negative emotions of anger, resentment bitterness and guilt toward someone who has hurt you in some way irrespective of whether it was intentional or not.  At the Greater Good Science Center at the UC-Berkeley forgiveness doesn’t mean to forget or condone the wrong that was committed.  Because, if we fixate on a wrong, or the person who committed the offense then we have chosen to disappear or disconnect from the moment.  Forgiveness grows on you, the more you integrate it into your daily experience it will facilitate improv and creativity that will heighten our lives and those around us.  Empathy or looking for the silver linings is a portal to galvanize and improvise how we express our feelings on a moment to moment basis.

So what are the benies of improvising forgiveness riffs in our daily routine.  

1.  Choosing to live and breathe in the moment which brings freshness and unity to your life.


2.  Dissolving feelings of hopelessness, anger, being anxious and uptight.

Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future. ~Paul Boese  Promoting a sense of wellbeing, balance and positivity when facing adversity in our daily life, i.e. traffic jams, long waits in grocery lines, illness, hostility that you may encounter from others and the environment.

Forgiving is rediscovering the shining path of peace that at first you thought others took away when they betrayed you. ~Dodinsky,

not perfect just forgiven 

3.  The biggest riff of forgiveness would be to forgive yourself.

All major religious traditions carry basically the same message, that is love, compassion and forgiveness the important thing is they should be part of our daily lives. ~ Dalai Lama

Befriending Your Mind, Befriending Your Life: Jon Kabat-Zinn

Thank you for allowing me to show a mindfulness way of looking and dealing with forgiveness riffs that would show up in our daily lives.  Through mindfulness and we can free ourselves up  by breathing and choosing a response and not creating an unhappy emotional link.  It has been the major part of healing and staying present in my life and I look at it as a practice.  Zen and Jazz Improv have given me a way to not get caught up and got by circumstances that if I chose to take a deep breath and connect to the moment would have turned out differently.  Or not, it could be a 20/20 hindsight too.  But the difference is to heal not inflict self-deprecating acts on yourself out of guilt or just plain beating yourself up.  How about you?  Did someone do something to tick you off?  I don’t say that you should be BFF’s but forgiving gives you the opportunity to move into the next moment with grace and serenity.  On that note…Peace and Love Out!  JBC 😎 & ❤

live laugh and love

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The Sound I felt ~ Listening 2 Get a Better Understanding of the Universe Within ~ featuring Body & Soul by Roberto Menescal

Infinite Universe Courtesy of fractaledgalaxies
Infinite Universe Courtesy of fractaledgalaxies

“…We are listening to our fear of life and death, our lack of faith, our smaller ego’s will to prevail. To listen to the soul is to stop fighting with life—to stop fighting when things fall apart; when they don’t go our way, when we get sick, when we are betrayed or mistreated or misunderstood. To listen to the soul is to slow down, to feel deeply, to see ourselves clearly, to surrender to discomfort and uncertainty, and to wait.”  Elizabeth Lesser Broken Open 

From the first sound I heard, I began a journey to explore and develop the ability to discern the timbre of music, noise and the sounds of daily life.  I really wish that I was encouraged to listen to the Light within better and to trust it.  My world was a culturally mixed world. In 1962 I remember our family vacations staying with Norman, my maternal Great Grandfather who was a Native American from Upstate New York and my Nana during our summers in New York.  I stayed with them in their lovely spacious three story brownstone in Crown Heights on President Street while going to a YMCA day camp.   Norman would tell me stories about finding and hearing “My inner light” and how that light was something that I should learn to listen to and to trust.  My father believed differently and frowned and discouraged me from listening to that “Crazy Indian”.  It wasn’t until recently, some fifty years later, I reconnected and began hearing my Inner Spirit ~ that “Still Small Voice”.  I know this now coz we are all searching for the truth in our hearts and experiencing our intuitive self-expression.  We  crave a deeper understanding of life, ourselves as well as of one another.  In jazz, listening was the portal to experiencing life through:  Rhythm, style, arrangement, sound, forms, arrangement and improvisation.  Listening intentionally makes the sounds of life come true.  Hearing is the foyer to listening in the parlor, where self-analysis leads to a better understanding of yourself and others.  I had a conversation the other day and it felt as though they were not listening.  I could tell from the questions they asked.  It has become commonplace and superficial in its nature.  Your voice is not heard because of the weeds that grow out of only hearing, and not engaging.  It is a symphony of cacophony.  The sounds at the end of the day left me feeling barren and alone.  I befriended my voice in my head, only to hear how sterile and contrived it had become.  It was a conspiracy of nay-sayers that can bring only darkness to the light.  Hard hearted they come and crowd my voice from my soul.  It is only temporary and can turn on me at any given moment.  Illusion personified by benign neglect.  Reading aloud in a language you cannot speak.   To have ears, that had become defended by the madness of society.  Rationalizing the sounds in an attempt to make sense of something it will never possess.  Now it has broken open the illusion of the life I have lived.   Here is a free verse poem I wrote about “Listening to the Life Within”.  Can you feel and hear the liminal spaces of our lives?  Blessing to you all and have a super weekend.  Till the next sound…Peace & Love Out!  JBC 😎


Listening to the Life Within

By Jannat Marie

Life’s cadence moved clouds.

tonality and voicing askew.

Began as a thought.

Rhythm  assigned to scented beats.

A picture in a thousand chords

Reveals culture’s war

emerging over time “freeing” the heat

flavored by emotional riffs.

Listening in seasoning thyme

Tasting metaphors and memories

hot crusted timbre singing

a cry of desperation.

Feeling the sounds glorious sun

seeing the warm breeze of acoustic phrases

offering forgiveness

Hearing life’s rhythm in 4/4 time

senses filled with harmony

where meeting counterpoint to point

at the synergy of knowing

equality of rights anoint

Dancing in darkness

becomes a conspiracy of

living your truth.

live life to the fullest quotes (2)

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Is Fear a Factor that is Running Your Life? 10 Riff Changes 2 Get Ur Groove Back feat, “Jazz Odyssey” by New Age Jazz with a 10 Min Guided Meditation

facing Fear

“Courage is more exhilarating than fear and in the long run it is easier. We do not have to become heroes overnight. Just a step at a time, meeting each thing that comes up, seeing it is not as dreadful as it appeared, discovering we have the strength to stare it down.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt You Learn by Living

I don’t know about you, but with all the things that are happening in our world, culture and lives are riddled with fear, and for the most part takes center stage in our lives, grabbing us by the throat and suffocating us in our decision-making process. The irony of it is that most of the time we don’t even realize it. This is partly true because of the media and the learned behavior from our culture tends to stylize “fear” as a socially acceptable form of “stress.” And stress—stress is considered a trophy of success!

In the 60s “fear is for sissies or chumps”. It is a sign of weakness.  It was confused with shame and courage and it was something that we needed to hide from others and deal with it in secret.   In literature it was called “The Dark Night of the Soul”.  NOT!  I have lived long enough to know that FEAR and COURAGE cannot share the same couch.  It became a truth especially when I was paralyzed in 1990 and when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Here is how the scenario ran for me, when I was diagnosed both times it was a Game Changer.  My life was never going to be the same.  The fear of not being able to walk was Huge!  The doctors could not find out what was causing it and it was slowly climbing up my legs and Thank God it stopped when it affected my gag reflex.  The doctors finally came up with Guillain-Barré Syndrome.  Angela who became a dear friend who was diagnosed two years before me had to walk with a cane and had to cross the street in NYC at the slide which is where folks in wheelchairs were able to navigate the street and sidewalk curbs.  Others in my support group were not so lucky, some died, some were put on a respirator for the rest of their lives.  Being an active thirty something year old who played Varsity Tennis.  I was devastated.  What made matters worse was that my father did not believe it was a real illness.  There is nothing wrong with you, it’s all in your head, you need to snap out of it and get a job!  Fear became a permanent resident in my heart.

Fear is sneaky, and it shows up in all kinds of disguises, but until you see it for what it is, it’s hard to come into right relationship with fear.  So, I decided I had had enough.  Fear was now something that I had to stop somatizing!  I decided to face it and embrace it as a part of my life.  Here are the riff changes I used to get my life back.  Who knew that I would once again re-enter my life in 2000 with my diagnosis of Breast Cancer.

  1. You are unique – Perfection is the conduit to Fear of Failure

If you become afraid of criticism, failure, or rejection, you are setting yourself up to the illusion of being perfect.  Growing up with jazz and the musicians who improvise and create their own style of living which is facing fear and adversity; I learned that trusting and accepting that God’s grace allows us to recover and heal us because we weren’t made perfect —facing fear is the portal to real intimacy, to be known, loved, and accepted for our true self.

  1. Don’t settle.

Taking risks is a major part of living.  If you become afraid to take risks, challenge conformity, and go for what you really want you have let fear and your ego convince you that you are not good enough.  Then you feel that all of your relationships, your job, and your Life is as good as it gets.   You have forgotten how to dream. That childhood curiosity and imagination are lost.  Settling is not an option.   When you choose to face and get past your fear, hope is reawakened in your heart.  That choice speaks to creating the future where you will not stand for anything less than joy, vitality, even miracles.  Mindfulness meditation and improvisation helps to focus on what you want and where your values are.

  1. Say yes to the Stress.

Being afraid that you will disappoint people or get rejected if you don’t say yes, you have given the power to others and what is outside of yourself.   When you choose, make that choice because it will benefit everyone.  Friends are not really friends if they do not respect your choices.  Only you know what is good for you!

  1. No means No.

You cannot fear something that you know in your heart is the right choice.  If you fear you’re your friends or loved ones will not like you or they want to go in a different direction as you and you don’t want to go in that direction and are afraid of losing them, then I have found that they were not really my friends.  You have to risk it to get the biscuit!  No keeps life honest.  It requires thought and consideration and if you decide that No is right for you, go with it now matter what.  It’s healthy.

  1. There is no escaping fear.

Fear can cause a lot of inner pain, a kind of soul sickness that manifests as depression, anxiety, restlessness, helplessness, hopelessness, frustration, sadness, loneliness, and fatigue. We live in a society that there is a Pill for everything.  The best medicine is to confront and face the discomfort to triumph over feeling the inner pain and void that all of us face one time or another in life.  Drinking or drugging is just another panacea that eludes us into believing that we can control our pain and fear.  It does just the opposite.  It will affect you in so many negative ways that it could take you down a path that you may not be able to recover from.  Fear is transformative because if you use mindfulness mediation and then improvise using your experience and style it is a way better high than any drug or drink can give you.  It will also build your repertoire that will last a lifetime.  You will develop the chops to do the deep transformative work that leads you to freedom.  Eleanor Roosevelt said it best…Discipline of mind and body is one of the most difficult things one has to acquire, but in the long run it is a valuable ingredient of education and a tremendous bulwark in time of trouble. Certainly, it is essential in meeting defeats and recovering from disaster.

  1. Why put off tomorrow what you can do today.

That speaks to the everyday choices you make that will keep you in your groove.  Procrastination is good when you prioritize it in terms of staying in the moment.  It is very helpful to me when I look at the situation or the task and decide that I will not worry about that now, I will worry about that at 6 o’clock this evening when I am able to focus and meditate the best plan of action.  Scheduling specific times to worry, fear, etc. is the best way of living in the moment.

  1. Don’t Freeze UP.

It is harmful to practice avoiding to make a decision or take an action that you know you must make. It’s a good thing to trust your gut or intuition will tell you that it’s time to leave a toxic relationship or to go a different way. It is critical to set boundaries with your loved ones, friends and people in general. Be impeccable with your words and speak up when your integrity is breached at work or in your daily life.

     8.  You are responsible to control You and no one else.

The only thing we can truly control in our lives is breathing, walking, and sustain ourselves.  So leave the micromanaging and manipulating control to God or the Universe.  When I realized that being right, or manipulating a situation is so WRONG and not in my control I found that life is so joyous and liberating.  I know that my parental unit was deemed with that control thing when I was a child.  However, the flip side would be to empower me with the skills and swagger to act in the world on the foundation of  values and beliefs that benefit everyone and not just myself.  Letting go is powerful in that it resonates with harmony and brings about miracles.

  1. Sometimes we should use the Right to Remain Silent.

There is nothing worse in this world than a person who is full of unsolicited Advice.  When folks come up to me, whether they are friends, family or coworkers, the best thing I have learned to do is listen.  Not go into some diatribe about how it happened to me and what happened and just taking over the conversation.  Yes it is true, I is not about you all the time!

  1. When Fear has its way.

Fear isn’t just an uncomfortable feeling that holds you back from following your dreams, connecting with your true tribe, and serving out your life’s purpose.   It can serve as a trigger for stress responses in the body that can morph into disease and prevent the body’s ability to heal itself. Fear has had its way with me when I was just a little chick.  It played a major role in my paralysis and living with breast cancer.  Facing fear is what keeps my thrivin’ and most of all alive.

A Positive Magazine Meditation Relaxation Inspiration

10 Minute Guided Meditation to ease Anxiety, Worry, and Urgency | Soothing | instant Calm | POWERFUL!  Calm relaxing mediation 10 minute guided meditation video to help ease Anxiety, worry and the sense of urgency.

live life to the fullest quotes (2)

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A Taste 4 Jazz ~ Remembering The Watts Riots ~ A Patch of Blue~Something Sweet~The Mack “Raw Vegan Pecan Pie” featuring Gil Fuller & Monterey Jazz Festival – A Patch Of Blue – Feat. James Moody

rose sepia

“Music at its best…is the grand archeology into and transfiguration of our guttural cry, the great human effort to grasp in time our deepest passions and yearnings as prisoners of time. Profound music leads us–beyond language–to the dark roots of our scream and the celestial heights of our silence. ” ― Cornel WestThe Cornel West Reader


A Patch of Blue was the first movie I went to and I felt every single emotion a child of 11 could feel.  I was changed.  It was the quiet before the storm.  It was a classic 1965 American drama film directed by Guy Green about the relationship between a black man, Gordon (played by Sidney Poitier), and a blind white female teenager, Selina (Elizabeth Hartman), and the problems that plague their relationship when they fall in love in a racially divided America. Made in 1965 against the backdrop of the growing civil rights movement, the film explores racism from the perspective of love is blind.  It was the first time I felt what love must be like for an eleven year old mixed little chick.  I selected a jazz song with Classical overtones because it reminds me of how I felt when I watch A Patch of Blue and listen to my father’s arrangement

The Watts Riots that dropped into American Life has many characteristics of the changes and call and response of jazz in the streets.  It was a very frightening time.  My heart felt as though  the flame from a candle was too hot. It flickered and danced over-a warm breeze, offering no respite from the heat. The soft gossamer wings of grace notes fluttered to and fro in the darkness, sprinkling dusty syncopated flurry of the notes become a circle of light. I struggled to resist, but still I was drawn in. And then there was a brightness with the heat becoming so intensified because now I had flown too close to the sun.  I became dazzled by the light, fried and melted from the heat and weary of my endeavors to stay airborne.  The heat … was stifling and overpowering.  The song was over and awaked me. I open my eyes, and I’m draped with a tremendous sense of hope and yet I feared it would never happen in my life time.  But like love and life we must feel pain and sorrow to unmask the joy that the universe has to give.  The saxophone is the riff of racial identity filled with licks and syncopation.  The French horns respond by filling the air with a sense of freedom and liberty.  It is a mood stirring redition as the point/counterpoint of American life is shadowed by the ever present hope that compassion will replace hate and violence against those that are different.  The sound and harmony breathes hope in the fact that the theme and melody speaks directly to our hearts.

So, I want to end on a decadently sweet and healthy note…. Peace & Love Out!  JBC 8-)* & ❤

Raw, Vegan Pecan Pie by Gena Hamshaw

Author Notes: An easy, forgiving, and absolutely delicious vegan spin on pecan pie. Creamy medjool dates and coconut oil perfectly approximate the flavor and richness of a traditional filling.

Gena's Pecan-Pie- Courtesy of Food52.com
Gena’s Pecan-Pie- Courtesy of Food52.com

Serves 8 to 10

For the crust

  • 3/4cups raw pecans
  • 3/4cups raw walnuts
  • 1/4teaspoon sea sat
  • 1/4cup shredded coconut
  • 1cup pitted medjool dates, packed

For the pie filling

  • 1 1/4cup medjool dates, tightly packed, pitted, and soaked in warm water for at least an hour
  • 1/2cup plus 3/4 cup raw pecans, divided
  • 1/4cup melted coconut oil
  • 2teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/4teaspoon nutmeg
  • Big pinch sea salt
  1. To make the crust: Place the walnuts and pecans, sea salt, and coconut in a food processor and grind roughly. Add the dates and process until the mixture is thoroughly broken down and sticks together when you squeeze a bit in the palm of your hand. Press mixture evenly onto the bottom and sides of a pie plate (alternately, you can press it into a 9″ springform pan).
  2. Drain the dates, reserving the soak liquid. Transfer the dates to a high speed blender or powerful food processor. Add the 1/2 cup pecans, coconut oil, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, and about 1/4 cup of the date-soaking water. Blend until the mixture is totally smooth.
  3. Pour the filling into the crust. Smooth the top over with an inverted spatula. Place in the fridge for at least four hours to set. Decorate the top with the 3/4 cup pecans, and continue to chill till ready to serve.

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A Taste 4 Jazz ~ Waiting for Bonaparte Muffaletta (The Remix Edition) By Pierino + JBC’s Vegan Remastered Version featuring Bob James – “Take Me to the Mardi Gras”

Those who have not lived in New Orleans have missed an incredible, glorious, vital city–a place with an energy unlike anywhere else in the world, a majority-African American city where resistance to white supremacy has cultivated and supported a generous, subversive, and unique culture of vivid beauty. From jazz, blues, and and hip-hop to secondlines, Mardi Gras Indians, jazz funerals, and the citywide tradition of red beans and rice on Monday nights, New Orleans is a place of art and music and food and traditions and sexuality and liberation.”  ~ ― Jordan Flaherty, Floodlines: Community and Resistance from Katrina to the Jena Six

Court of Two Sisters
Court of Two Sisters

Hey JazzFoodie Fans Mardi Gras is here!…The Carnival season, is a diversification of the traditional manner of preparing for the start of the Catholic season of Lent, that starts after Twelfth Night, on Epiphany (January 6). This is a cultural cornucopia that is filled with a season of paradesballs (some of them masquerade balls mind you), and don’t forget the king cake parties. It has traditionally been part of the winter social season; which at one time was when parties for Southern Society women, débutante balls, were arranged.

Celebrations run for two weeks before and through Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras in French), to the day before Ash Wednesday. There is one major parade each day (weather permitting); most days have several large parades. The largest and most elaborate parades take place on the last five days of the season. In the final week of Carnival, many events large and small occur throughout New Orleans and surrounding communities. Neighboring communities also hold Carnival celebrations.  Food52 is undoubtedly one of the best Go2 sites for fabulous Jazz Foodies like me.  Today let’s get a true blue N’awlins foodie’s recipe for an awesome Muffaletta.  For my vegetarian friends I have a cool marinade for zucchini and eggplant that I roast and substitute for the meats.  Check it out below…  And now for the pièce de résistance Bonaparte’s Muffaletta by Chef Pierino

Bonaparte Muffaletta sandwich Courtesy of Food 52
Bonaparte Muffaletta sandwich Courtesy of Food 52

Author Notes: PierinoOne of the greatest traditional food items to come out of New Orleans is the muffaletta sandwich. Central Grocery is renowned for theirs, but you can also taste a fine one on the café menu at Napoleon House on Chartres in the French Quarter. Napoleon House gets its name from the fact that in 1821 it was offered as a residence to Bonaparte during his exile. Being an unapologetic Bonapartist myself, my recipe title is a tribute to Boney. Now let’s see if he shows up for lunch. The primary components of the sandwich are ham, salami, provolone cheese, and topping of olive salad, all packed onto a crusty round loaf. The olive salad should be generous but it should not overwhelm your pork product.
Because it’s difficult to find the proper Italian-style round bread loaf outside of New Orleans, you might want to think about doing as I prefer and make your own. But what you really want is a good-sized round and crusty Italian loaf. The ingredients indicated here for the olive salad will produce enough for two sandwiches this size. To serve, you can/should halve or quarter the assembled muffaletta.  – Pierino

Serves an army

For the olive salad:

For the sandwich components:

  • One6-ounce crusty Italian roll
  • A little creole mustard
  • 1/4pound thinly sliced premium cooked or cured ham (even prosciutto or jamon Serrano)
  • 1/4pound thinly sliced capicola (as the name suggests, this is most often made from pig neck)
  • 1/4pound sliced provolone cheese
  1. It’s easy to make the olive salad in the bowl of a food processor using the olives, cornichons, garlic, oregano, olive oil, vinegar, and black pepper. Give everything a few quick pulses. It should remain a bit chunky — somewhat more coarse than a tapenade.
  2. Spoon the olive salad into a non-reactive bowl and cover it with cling wrap. It should then go into the refrigerator to rest for at least 5 to 8 hours, and it will keep overnight.
  3. To assemble, use a sharp bread knife to divide the loaf into two halves horizontally like a giant hamburger bun. Smear some mustard on the bottom half and top with ham, capicola, provolone, and a generous amount of olive salad. Cover with the top portion of the roll and divide into halves or quarters. Bring napkins.
  4. Notes to the cook: For the garlic, I use a “garlic confit” that I learned from Thomas Keller’s Bouchon cookbook. What that consists of is about 40 peeled cloves of garlic covered in canola oil and poached for about forty minutes — a flame tamer is advised. Store the garlic and oil in a sealed container in the refrigerator. After a few days the oil will be highly perfumed. I think the little Corsican would like that touch. It’s handy to have on hand and you can add a little of the oil to the salad. Otherwise, use fresh garlic cloves.
  5. The cornichon included in the olive salad is untraditional but one of my New Orleans friends really liked it, so I think it really works. Don’t be stingy with the olive salad.

    For my Vegetarian Jazz foodies ~  I make a special trip to my Asian Market and purchase the following ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup tamari or shoyu sauce
  • 4 tablespoons loosely packed cilantro leaves
  • 2tablespoon Ume Plum vinegar (Eden Selected)
  • 3 tablespoon toasted sesame oil +1 tablespooon Olive Oil
  • 2 medium-size cloves garlic
  • 1 ounce fresh peeled ginger sliced
  • ____________________________________
  •  4 small Japanese eggplants and 4 medium

I place all of the above ingredients in a blender EXCEPT FOR THE EGGPLANTS!  Blend until smooth.

  1. Pierce the eggplants and zucchini several times with a fork. Cut in half lengthwise. On the open side of each half, make two deep diagonal slashes in each direction. Place eggplants skin side down in a 13-by-9-by-2-inch purex baking dish.
  2. Spoon 1 1/2 teaspoons of the marinade over each eggplant and zucchini half. Rub the marinade into the flesh so that it runs into the cuts. Turn skin side up and pour remaining marinade into dish. Let stand for 60 minutes.
  3. Turn skin side down. Roast in oven for 15- 20 minutes at 400ºF. Remove from oven and let cool.
  4. If you really want to make it Vegan, I substitute Daiya Mozzarella, Provolone or even Jack and it is delicious!  Just follow the assembly given above for the sandwich and Voila!

Best wishes 4 a Blessed and wonderful Mardi Gras 2015!  Peace & Love Out!  JBC  😎 & ❤

live laugh and love

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A Taste of Jazz ~ The Mack Vegan Ratatouille featuring The Jazz In Paris Project – Tu Es

Moïse Kisling, Pâquerette, Picasso and behind them Marie Vassilieff at the café La Rotonde, August 1916
Moïse Kisling, Pâquerette, Picasso and behind them Marie Vassilieff at the café La Rotonde, August 1916

Hey JazzFoodie Fans, I just finished a fabulous read entitled, Harlem in Montmartre by William Shack.  Shack gives a fascinating look at this extraordinary cultural moment when African American musicians left the discrimination and racism they experienced in American culture to pursue a life and their art in bohemian Europe.  This was a dynamic community of African American jazz musicians and artists who were free to create a vibrant musical scene introducing jazz to the French. The Harlem Renaissance was thriving across the Atlantic however the entertainers in Montmartre became the epicenter of the Parisian scene.  It made a fascinating contribution to jazz culture that thrived for two decades until the occupation of the city by German troops on June 18, 1940.   Shack features and highlights some of the principal players that shaped the jazz scene in Montmartre folks like Josephine Baker, Sidney Bechet, and Bricktop. Shack, an anthropologist took a closer look at the musicians’ experiences, the settings in which they performed, and the response of French audiences.

♪     ♪     ♪

 “Jazz is like a banana—it has to be consumed on the spot,”  ~ Sartre

With that theme in mind, I absolutely love this recipe of Ratatouille and the video is a fun way to present it along with the recipe.  Peace & Love Out!  JBC Bon Appétit!

♪     ♪     ♪

 Piperade Sauce:

1 Onion chopped

2 carrots chopped

2 stalks of celery chopped

1 Tbs. butter and olive oil

1 Tbs. garlic minced

1 ea. yellow, red Fabiano peppers seeded and veins removed and chopped

2 chili peppers chopped

20 oz. can of crushed tomatoes

1 Tsp. Italian seasoning (if want totally French way Herbs de Provence)

6 leaves of fresh Basil

Salt and Pepper to taste

Sliced vegetables for Topping:

2 Yellow squash

2  zucchini

Japanese eggplant

6 Roma tomatoes

I use a Mandolin to ensure that all of the veggies are evenly sliced (1/16”) with the exception of the Roma tomatoes I slice them with a serrated knife.

Seasoning Oil

2-4 Tbs. Olive Oil with thyme leaves, crushed garlic (1 tbs.) and salt and pepper

Drizzle on top as seen in the video


♪     ♪     ♪

live laugh and love

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