Herbie Hancock – “Dolphin Dance”(Maiden Voyage,1965)

Herbie Hancock reaffirmed his importance in modern Jazz history with this stunning album. Hancock always is a pioneer of Jazz music, and this album takes him to another level of Piano brilliance. Using outstanding musicians as backup compliments this album. With Trumpeter Freddie Hubbard and Saxophonist George Colman, Hancock explores each and every song on here with different rhythmic spacing, and musical influences from Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman and even Art Blakey 
 It isn’t any  wonder why Jazz became my native language. 1965 was truly when I learned about jazz and was “The Year” of musical thinking and learning  jazz  as my native tongue.  I follow the tenants of listening for subtle nuances, abstraction, modulation, harmonies, timbre, tone and all seems right with my inner world.  This style of jazz was very popular for television shows like Route 66, Ironside , Streets of San Francisco to name a few.  Now that is Jazz!  What to you listen for?

RiffShot ~ Preston Glasgow Lowe – Silvertide


Jazz – Straight no Chaser~ Jazz goes global…

Young jazz-rock fusion trio Preston-­Glasgow­-Lowe set out on a 17-date Jazz Services/Arts Council supported tour of the UK this October and into November. The band features three of the UK’s rising star virtuosos in the form of guitarist David Preston, six-string electric bassist Kevin Glasgow and drummer Laurie Lowe who create a compelling mix of sophisticated harmonic/rhythmic ideas and dazzling soloistic technique.   I told you there was something for everyone!  Peace Out!


RiffShot ~ John Coltrane – In A Sentimental Mood



Dad always played this on the speakers he built giving stereophonic sound emenating  from ceiling to the floor  4 ft in width in our family room.  It sounded spectacular on a warm L.A. Sunday afternoon with a cross breeze of serenity.  Now that’s Jazz!  Peace Out!

RiffShot ~ Ow! – Dizzy Gillespie/James Moody/Gene Harris/Ray Brown/Grady Tate

Here is a perfect example of Rule #1, they all play solo’s and yet they all play at the same time.  The mutual love and respect is evident.  Don’t forget Dizzy’s puffed cheeks, beret and that crazy trumpet that rumor had it– someone sat on it– creating an angle in the bell.  The applause is proof that it is outta this world!  Peace Out!

Uploaded on Jan 26, 2008

Jazzfestival Bern, Switzerland 1985, Dizzy Gillespie (tp), James Moody (ts), Gene Harris (p), Ray Brown (b), Grady Tate (d) Ow!

RiffShot ~ Ray Charles – Hit The Road Jack (Original)


I can remember the time that dad brought home an album from the studio.  He was the A&R person who told us, Ray is the only guy in town who could get away with a Country Western album.  He had the gift to fuse and transform the sound.  I remember dancing around in our family room standing on top of my dad’s feet to this song.  It felt as though I was dancing on air.  Peace out!