Free Write Friday ~ A Boomer Remembers the Sounds of Living in the Moment with Bob Kaufman’s ” O-Jazz-O War Memoir” featuring Beatles & Jazz – In My Life

Texture Abstract Jazz Art Paintings Courtesy of bits_r_us.net
Texture Abstract Jazz Art Paintings Courtesy of bits_r_us.net

Music would take over at the point at which words become powerless, with the one and only object of expressing that which nothing but music could express. Debussy

February 26th

Today it appears that spring has sprung.  A warm glow piercing through my window cradling the chill from last evening.  Jung wrote:  “The serious problems in life are never fully solved.  If ever they should appear to be so it is a sure sign that something has been lost.  The meaning and purpose of a problem seem to lie not in the solution but in our working at it incessantly.  This alone preserves us from stultification and putrefaction.”  The San Francisco Bay area is plagued with Homelessness.  I know a thing or two about that because things went totally and literally south last May when I gave up my spacious one bedroom apartment in a lovely community off of Puget Sound in Seattle.  I wasn’t running from anything, rather, I was running for the life that was waiting for me.  Now when I look back, I would have hoped that I could find a place, not like a shelter where I would be able to actualize my dream.  But my dream to write and to help others to overcome adversities like money and a place to live where my dreams can come to life and in accordance with God’s plan for all of us.

So to this end it is only natural that at the tender age of eleven, I had fallen in love with jazz sound and words.  Jazz poetry is the best of both worlds for me.  I have discovered that there ain’t nothin’ in this world I could ask God to give me than the gift of translating notes into words.  Take the shape of a life lived in full measure.  Of course, with that gift I had to face the perfect storms of life and after all that is played and done, a glorious experience and sense of timing.  The art of knowing when to..stop, start, slow it down, staccato and rests carefully placed on the canvas of life.  That knowing has left me craving peace and serenity and knowing deep down to the souls of my heart that the joy comes when we wait.  Waiting is the first born of jazz poetry.

Exploring mindfulness meditations and conversations that give the soul the full acoustic literary dose of memories, dreams, inspiration that expands and awakens the mysterious source of living the life that is waiting for us….  Today I want to take a closer look at Bob Kaufman and unleash the scores of wisdom and insight.  I paired Beatle Jazz with sounds that are a reflection of growing up.  If it were not for the life riff jeering, circumstances filled with timbres that were flat or that shrilled to a thrilling vibrato that casted notes penetrating rhythms of stride that were both arbitrary in nature and where drummers paid homage to the cultural rage and chaos of the streets giving a steady ebb and flow of memory syncopation of tradition with ambient sounds marred by the blue mood of hard times that stirred like a river of notes ornamenting the riots deep and knapped within that scrambled new rhythms and tonal alliterations that struggled against the personal entropy that was disoriented by High Society and an acceptability of just being different.  The battle continues to rage between faux and real, inspiration and economic oppression and to actualize a life that understands human pain and is able to transcend it’s ravages became a snap shot of learning by living from my father and my mother because they have made this all possible…Peace & Love Out!  JBC 8-)♥ (Excerpt from The Sound I Felt”)

Poet Jack Micheline said about Kaufman, “I found his work to be essentially improvisational, and was at its best when accompanied by a jazz musician. His technique resembled that of the surreal school of poets, ranging from a powerful, visionary lyricism of satirical, near Dadaistic leanings, to the more prophetic tone that can be found in his political poems.


O-Jazz-O War Memoir: Jazz, Don’t Listen To It At Your Own Risk

by  Bob Kaufman

In the beginning, in the wet

Warm dark place,

Straining to break out, clawing at strange cables

Hearing her screams, laughing

Later we forgave ourselves, we didn’t know”

Some secret jazz

Shouted, wait, don’t go.

Impatient, we came running, innocent

Laughing blobs of blood & faith.

To this mother, father world

Where laughter seems out of place

So we learned to cry, pleased

They pronounce human.

The secret Jazz blew a sigh

Some familiar sound shouted wait

Some are evil, some will hate.

“Just Jazz, blowing its top again”

So we rushed & laughed.

As we pushed & grabbed

While jazz blew in the night

Suddenly they were too busy to hear a simple sound

They were busy shoving mud in men’s mouths,

Who were busy dying on the living ground

Busy earning medals, for killing children on deserted street corners

Occupying their fathers, raping their mothers, busy humans we

Busy burning Japanese in atomicolorcinemascope

With stereophonic screams,

What one hundred per cent red blooded savage, would waste precious


Listening to jazz, with so many important things going on

But even the fittest murderers must rest

So they sat down in our blood soaked garments,

and listened to jazz

lost, steeped in all our death dreams

They were shocked at the sound of life, long gone from our own

They were indignant at the whistling, thinking, singing, beating,


They wept for it, hugged, kissed it, loved it, joined it, we drank it,

Smoked it, ate with it, slept with it

They made our girls wear it for lovemaking

Instead of silly lace gowns,

Now in those terrible moments, when the dark memories come

The secret moments to which we admit no one

When guiltily we crawl back in time, reaching away from ourselves

They hear a familiar sound,

Jazz, scratching, digging, blueing, swinging jazz,

And listen,

And feel, & die.

Symbol 4 Inner Peace & Strength
Symbol 4 Inner Peace & Strength

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Tell It Slant Tuesday ~ an Improvised Mindfulness Meditation ~ Sounds In the Wind – First Love featuring a Video Snap ~ 10 Minute Loving Kindness Meditation – New Mindful Life

Lovers_embrace Courtesy of themindfulnessclinic.ca
Lovers_embrace Courtesy of themindfulnessclinic.ca

Sounds In the Wind

First Love

By Jannat Marie

The first muted note

That caresses your face

A dream that spoke

Beating in a syncopated space

Covering your heart’s sacred place.


Discordant suffocating breath

Ravaging the spirits with ornamented ghost notes of death

This is the choice and the sphere

Wild dancing kicks through fears.


This is the song’s laconic ennui

Nestled close to the quick

Evaporating and setting you free

Scented riffs that do the trick

Through sounds tortuous licks.


Sounds of a child’s love that pleases

Lingering in your ears

Making you do anything with ease

Choreographed an improvised life, replacing fear

Remembering the first sounds of love always appear.


Published on Oct 7, 2013

This guided mindfulness meditation helps to cultivate gratitude and present moment awareness.

Symbol 4 Inner Peace & Strength
Symbol 4 Inner Peace & Strength

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Tell It Slant Tuesday ~ Call & Response A Jazz Meditation on a Poetic Beat featuring a video snap of Level 3 Call and Response Patterns (6 Notes) – Jazz Improvisation

REGINA_CARTER Courtesy of americanjazzmuseum.org
REGINA_CARTER Courtesy of americanjazzmuseum.org


In music, a call and response is a sequence beats or musical notes played by different musicians, where the second sequence of beats or musical notes is heard as a direct commentary on (response) to the first. It corresponds to the call-and-response pattern in human conversation and is found as a basic element of musical form, such as verse-chorus form, in many traditions.

In the Sub-Saharan African cultures, call and response is a pervasive pattern in public gatherings  with respect to civic affairs in addition to in religious rituals and vocal and instrumental musical expression.   Notably, in African-American music it is prevelant

in a myriad of forms i.e.: gospelbluesrhythm and bluesrock and rolljazz and hip hop.  I love it when a characteristic of jazz, sound and words can evoke so much imagination and passion.  This is the highest form of mindfulness meditation and sound that is a blessing to my life.  Peace Out!  JBC 😎 & ❤


The Call:


I am Nobody, Who are you

By Emily Dickinson


I ‘m nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there ‘s a pair of us-don’t tell!
They ‘d banish us, you know.

How dreary to be somebody!
How public, like a frog
To tell your name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!


Self Imag(I)nation

by Jannât Marie


I don’t care how many masters exist.

I am curious to know if you have discovered

Who You truly are or

are you still trying to fit in and find yourself?

I am curious to know if you have felt misery or

can you hear it in our children?

Are you living in the world?

or are you of this world?

With its oppressive nexus to

make you conform when reflecting

through fine tuned ears,

Proclaiming THIS IS WHO I AM!

Are you improvising how to

thrive in the cultural inferno by

leaning in to the center of your dreams

Accepting to live in every present moment

remaining rooted in a universal love

fully aware you can consciously re-Create

the misguided missives

that originated in Cultural deceit.

Symbol 4 Inner Peace & Strength
Symbol 4 Inner Peace & Strength

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Free Write Friday ~ A Mindfulness Meditation Riff 4 Big Dreams − New Life is featuring Stanley Clarke’s Butterfly Dreams

Make Dreams Come True Courtesy of rickyahuja.com
Make Dreams Come True Courtesy of rickyahuja.com

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. ~ Harriet Tubman

 “New Birth, New Creation”

By Carol Lynne


Life is change, every moment brings change.

In this moment there is creation
There is passion
There is fire
There is birth
A new idea
A new creation
A new love
A new passion.
Energies stir within my soul
And new aspects are born in this moment.
All is excitement
All is wonderment
I am in awe as I experience new creation
New birth.”


The Vedanta teaches us that there are seven states of consciousness. These are: (1) deep sleep; (2) dream state which occurs while we are in the 1st state; (3) awake state which we are in the majority of the time; (4) meditative state where we have a glimpse of the soul; (5) cosmic consciousness; (6) divine consciousness and last but not least (7) unity consciousness.   Today I fell in a somewhat reflective mood and am ready to move on and conforming to my dreams. When I was 3 years old I was passionate about books and music – jazz and ethnic music. When I sat in my mom’s lap as she read from a reader brought me immeasurable joy at the deepest level. I now realize my love of writing and reading were born and established that heat has a kinship with what is essential for my life. Ironically, I am calling for questions that I usually reserve for the New Year and a way to let go of the negative energies of my old efforts.  I didn’t get the grant I applied for a few months ago.  Now I am blogging and working on new tasks that give me boundless energy and I am following my North Star.  Timing is everything when it comes to animation and jazz.  What is most substantial are the internal questions and what would be the inspiration for both my mental and physical state of being.  Thinking over and opening up your mettle to the possibilities is what keeps me going.  Experience has demonstrated that.  And then I am giving way to lean in on my dreams and learn from my mistakes.  I will begin by embracing the wonder and mystery of life and then I may expand my intellect and connect to my cozy world.  Creating and improvising allows for a change that will benefit everything and everyone.   I plug-in, crank up the volume of Butterfly Dreams, let the flow begin… streaming jazz, words, symbols, dreams and expansion.  Timbre changes my orientation, the beat dominates the regular recurrence of my spirit and I become mindful of the riffs that emerge that are transforming my life and prepares me for life’s riff to get.  How would you go about it though?  How do you change a negative into a positive?  It doesn’t use up magic or illusions; it shouts for your dreams and the bravery and imagination to freely improvise the changes that heals and nourishes you.  Baby steps in the start; with practice it becomes natural and joyous.  Follow your life and let it lead you to where you never believed was possible? Peace & Love Out!  JBC 😎 & ❤

Symbol 4 Inner Peace & Strength
Symbol 4 Inner Peace & Strength

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Friday Free Write ~ Jazz Improv Flash Notes on Getting to Know Who You Are featuring David Benoit’s “Human Nature”

Romare Bearden Odyssey - a trip of self discovery
Romare Bearden Odyssey – a trip of self discovery
“Life is to be lived, not controlled; and humanity is won by continuing to play in the face of certain defeat.” ― Ralph EllisonInvisible Man

Our experiences shape and make us into the people we are today.  But that does not clarify who we really are or for that matter what we are passionate about or what we want from life or what our purpose is.

We develop beliefs and values albeit good and not so good from our environment.  The pressure from society to conform plays the biggest role in how these virtues are developed.

When I was younger, I thought academic achievement and fitting in defined my self-worth.

The sunrise cast a warm glow through my picture window early on that early Monday morning in February, 1965.  Dad is sitting at the piano in our living room making last-minute notations on the songs for rehearsal later today.  He is my five a.m. wake up call. I would hear dulcet tones sending a breath of notes across my mind to the beat of my existence.  It was a series of riffs and changes with a syncopated harmonic intent.  It had a rhythm that majestically brought a sense of devotion to each note.  The sound of him hitting each piano key gave the house a mystery, transforming life and setting our house apart from the rest of the houses on Wilton Place….

…Growing up, I was the “native” daughter of a 60s Jazz arranger/conductor where the reining tradition was parents (‘rents) had the final word.  I slump down in my seat staring out the window trying to recover.  I feel betrayed.   Deep down inside I always felt like I was a visitor especially when it came to expressing my feelings and even more so in the world.  To me being mixed race or checking the “Other” box is a perfect witness to my life.  My father was a very complicated man of contradictions.  So reading and writing poems became my escape.    It liberated me from the labyrinths of insuperable gender and race biases that tend to dissipate little girls like me.

I would hole up in my room for hours overhearing myself admit difficult truths that I could not hide from.  It welcomed creative inspirations into my sensory consciousness.    It gave me the chance to explore and discover the province of sound and words.   I found my rhythm. Mom taught me how to read when I was 3.  I was eleven years old when I had fallen in love with sound, art and most of all words.  Dad throughout all the civil rights Tsunami did not faze him because he was driven to do the best on all levels for the upcoming Festival.  I followed suit in my own little way.  I survived by living in disguise. Since I was very young, the sanctity of my bedroom provided a canvas where I hoped, dreamed, set my own values and aspirations.  When I left my room I had to leave them behind like my books and other treasures tucked away on a shelf nestled in the opposite corner of the room.  I knew that Dad loved me, not without surrendering and bartering my own thoughts and feelings when he told me what I was supposed to want.  Dad repeatedly drummed into me that …being a doctor is where it’s at.  My foray into the jazz world began when I could feel my father’s intensity and determination given to each note; I mirrored that sensation into words at my desk.  I discovered and accepted the gifts and talents that Grandpa used to tell me… were gifts God gave me.  I let go of my family “persona”  free to let my imagination come alive and tap into my personal sense of purpose and who I really am.  Early mornings I would lie in bed hearing the music climb the stairs, it had a purpose, it had an intent – it was harmonic, it had a rhythm that grabbed my heart and rendered the beats to prepare me to go to my desk open my curtains and let the burst of the morning gently touch my face.  Jazz was transformative.  I was paralyzed by the feeling of losing my father’s love if I chose to follow my star.  I needed for him to tell me things would be okay.  That he would help me, encourage me, teach me the way things are in the world I was living.  How did he do it?  Every time I tried to step out of the role he created in the song he wrote for me, he would resist.  So I would withdraw and try to convince myself that he knows what’s best for me.  I was so conflicted when he would teach me how to sight sing from sheet music, take me to his rehearsals and ask what instrument I wanted to learn how to play?  There were definitely rules of conduct and engagement with others in the Jazz world.  There were two distinct behaviors, one associated with our home and private life and the one associated with our public life.  I spent most of the time in my room.  There the only rule was to be myself.

So here are suggested secret habits of Jazz Living that I learned that have helped me to find myself:

  • You do not have to prove or define your worth.

It is not up for debate.  You cannot change your circumstance by saying If I do everything my parents or loved one wants then I will be accepted or loved.  Not only is that self-deprecating and destructive it places your value outside of who you really are…worthy of love, respect, and compassion.

  • Take 5 to explore different things to find the things you enjoy.

Begin by having a mindfulness meditation on what things you would do if you were stranded on an island or in the country or even a big city and see what you would like to do and need.  Would you need a guitar, books, art supplies, a camera or would you run or dance in place or create a movie?  Explore what makes you feel comforted, and what comes naturally to you.  You can sign up for classes in dance, guitar lessons, listen to a different music to find out what resonates with you.

  • Let go of expectationsBe yourself!

Stop worrying about what the outcome will be.  Others have always tried to help me to find myself and granted that was wonderful but what I learned from the musicians when I went to their rehearsals was you have to discovers what makes you tick.  What gives you joy and what gives you pause.  Let your inner soul free to fly or sail to where ever it may lead you.

  • Take care of yourself.

Follow your gut.  If something doesn’t feel right, listen to yourself.  Give yourself a break at least, well in my case, a hundred times a day.  If something isn’t going the way I want it to, step back and see what it is you really want from the situation.

  • Fitting in is not the name of the game.

“The real treasure is not reaching your destination; it’s getting the most out of the journey.”

When you are living in the moment and being yourself you will attract authentic and lasting friendships into your life.  People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

Your life is not set in stone.  You are the creator of your life and the choices you make.  You are Awesome and if someone tells you otherwise, tell them Haters Not Allowed.  Peace and Love Out!  JBC  😎 & ❤

Symbol 4 Inner Peace & Strength
Symbol 4 Inner Peace & Strength

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Tell It Slant Tuesday ~ Poet’s Beat on a Jazz Lit Canvas “Under the Edge of February” by Jayne Cortez featuring Gil Fuller & Monterey Jazz Festival – “Angel City Blues” – Feat. Dizzy Gillespie

Wilderness Courtesy of noupe.com
Wilderness Courtesy of noupe.com

“Overall, I think the main thing a musician would like to do is to give a picture to the listener of the many wonderful things he knows of and senses in the universe. That’s what music is to me—it’s just another way of saying this is a big, beautiful universe we live in, that’s been given to us, and here’s an example of just how magnificent and encompassing it is. That’s what I would like to do. I think that’s one of the greatest things you can do in life, and we all try to do it in some way. The musician’s is through his music.”  ~ John Coltrane

Part of the writing process for me is finding inspiration fueled by improvisation.  It is everywhere.  So, jazz portraits on a literary canvas began back in the 60s.  Witnessed by the shattering of equality were the demonstrated demands for freedoms of expression of being who you are still remain in our country today.  Described as “a fool’s folly”of thinking that colors should be sundered from white.  That blood is red and yet not equal.  That striving to be the same is better than celebrating our differences.  February was the quiet before that August storm when I was inspired by the soft muses that resonated with me and comforted me back in the 60s seeing twenty five miles from our manicured community in the Wilshire district flames and fury that forever metastasized Tinsel Town.  Jayne Cortez was born in Arizona, grew up in Los Angeles, California, and lived in New York City. She was the author of ten books of poems and performed her poetry with music on nine recordings. Her poetry continues to be celebrated for its political, surrealistic, dynamic innovations in lyricism, and visceral sound.  Her poetry reflects the time but what the most important message from Ms. Jayne Cortez FIND YOUR OWN VOICE!  That became my mantra and has given me the strength to face whatever adversity that comes my way.  Peace & Love Out!  JBC 😎 & ❤

Under the Edge of February

by Jayne Cortez 

Under the edge of February
in hawk of a throat
hidden by ravines of sweet oil
by temples of switch blades
beautiful in its sound of fertility
beautiful in its turban of funeral crepe
beautiful in its camouflage of grief
in its solitude of bruises
in its arson of alert

Who will enter its beautiful calligraphy of blood
Its beautiful mask of fish net
mask of hubcaps mask of ice picks mask
of watermelon rinds mask of umbilical cords
changing into a mask of rubber bands

Who will enter this beautiful beautiful mask of
punctured bladders moving with a mask of chapsticks
Compound of Hearts Compound of Hearts
Where is the lucky number for this shy love
this top heavy beauty bathed with charcoal water
self conscious against a mosaic of broken bottles
broken locks broken pipes broken
bloods of broken spirits broken through like
broken promises

Landlords Junkies Thieves
enthroning themselves in you
they burn up couches they burn down houses
and infuse themselves against memory
every thought
a pavement of old belts
every performance
a ceremonial pick up

how many more orphans how many neglected shrines
how many more stolen feet stolen guns
stolen watch bands of death
in you how many times

hidden by ravines of sweet oil
by temples of switch blades
beautiful in your sound of fertility
beautiful in your turban of funeral crepe
beautiful in your camouflage of grief
in your solitude of bruises in
your arson of alert

Symbol 4 Inner Peace & Strength
Symbol 4 Inner Peace & Strength

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Improvised Life ~ Riffs on the Sounds of Letting Go ~ Featured Video Snap Alan Watts – Guided Meditation (Awakening The Mind)

World Peace Heart Courtesy of the powerofoneness[dot]com
World Peace Heart Courtesy of the powerofoneness[dot]com

“As once the winged energy of delight
Carried you over childhood’s dark abysses

Now beyond your own life build the great
Arch of unimagined bridges

Wonders happen if we can succeed
In passing through the harshest danger;

But only in a bright and purely granted
Achievement can we realize the wonder….

Take your practiced powers and stretch them out
Until they span the chasm between two

Contradictions…………….For the God
Wants to know himself in you.” by Rilke

This poem brings us into the present moment where inner peace resides. Inner peace is simply acknowledging and accepting who you truly are.  This is the only way to find our true self by becoming completely relaxed, focused and centered.  Mindfulness Meditation and improvising by focusing on your breathing and observing your feelings and emotions as they float by.  No judgments or expectations are allowed.  However,  when distractions will present themselves just acknowledge them and deeply breathe them out.  Breathe in joy and peacefulness.  Rilke’s poem creates and evokes images let them in and see where it will take you.  The beauty is  that you can do this anywhere.  Peace & Love Out!  JBC 😎 & >3

Featured Video Snap

Symbol 4 Inner Peace & Strength
Symbol 4 Inner Peace & Strength

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The Sounds of Jazz ~ Improvising Considerations 4 a Nu,,, ~ Poet’s Beat ~ Nothing but Trouble by Richard Jackson~ featuring “Somethin’ Else by Cannonball Adderly~ Part II

“…Of the January sun; and not to think

Of any misery in the sound of the wind,

In the sound of a few leaves,


Which is the sound of the land

Full of the same wind

That is blowing in the same bare place


For the listener, who listens in the snow,

And, nothing himself, beholds

Nothing that is not there and the nothing that is.”~ Wallace Stevens, “The Snow Man” from The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens. Copyright © 1954

FRONT-detail2 Land of Me
FRONT-detail2 Land of Me

Wishing you a Fabulous New Year!  Especially during these trying times, the sounds from the fog of terrorism, cancer, and grief have placed us in the shadow of a Love So Supreme.  Someone asked me once, “What do you do when the holidays come?  Aren’t you lonely?  Well, since Mother’s Day 2003, I missed my mom because she was my “BFF”.  Now I realize that when I am caught in that fog I listen intently to see a small and gentle light that leads me to a peaceful feeling − a warm embrace holding me through my tears letting me know that I, by God’s Good Grace am Loved.  Resolutions elude me when I am awakening to every moment that life brings.  Grace and mercy flow within the same sound.  Leaving footprints in my heart navigating me through the thorns of pain, sorrow and despair knowing that there will always be a something or someone that screams  keep on keepin’ on till the veil of suffering is pierced by truth and compassion.  I have discovered that we are never alone…

Happy New Year to all of the blogs I follow and those that have graced my life by following me.  I appreciate each and every single one of U.  So on that sound, here is a poem by Richard Jackson entitled “Nothing But Trouble” written over 40 years ago sending you Season’s Greetings, take care. Most of Be Blessed, Joyous, and Prosper…Peace and Love Out!  JBC 😎

Nothing but Trouble
by Richard Jackson

So there was Alexander Graham Bell hanging around the back
of my mind. Some short circuit or another had confused him
with a barn owl, the barn owl with a dove, and the dove
with a blue heron. Just when you think nothing is there
it appears like an unseen planet you know only by the way
its sun wobbles. But why did he suddenly appear here
in the cavernous Basilica di San Francesco at Arezzo? Like us
with all the space between our atoms, or all that space between
planets, it is mostly nothing. At the far altar is the famous fresco
of Adam dying. Bell wanted to invent a machine to talk to
the dead. That’s why he seemed so blue. We could say he’s like
this or like that, but “like” really only tells more of what he is not.
Scientists tell us you can only see the real world by not looking
at it. When you look you change it. Is that why Terri’s picture
of the Moose came out blank? It seems like more trouble
to see things than to imagine them, so I’ll go on here. Five year old
Emily says there is a little world inside each flower. Some
Begonia petals are called Angel Wings. Her sister,
Anna, reads messages from her dead friend in vapor trails.
When we arrived at the town buried beneath the dam’s waters
there was nothing but what we could imagine, and that was enough.
It’s hard to call anything what it is. Ezekial ate God‘s scroll
to learn his words. Most of the wall frescoes here have been
painted over because it was too much trouble to keep them up.
Sometimes you can catch the faintest outline of one before
it dissolves like a cloud. There’s no secret that is secret.
The glowing clouds in each galaxy will soon broadcast
what laws have formed them. Terri says the bottoms
of cumulous clouds are flat because that’s the way children
draw them. The void doesn’t care what laws we have for it.
Sometimes she fingers through the abandoned lives left hanging
on the clothes rack at the second hand store. When you see them
fluttering in the rafters above the altar you could believe the soul
lives in the doves’ coo. The trouble is they are trying to get rid
of them. Nothing but trouble the Sexton mumbles over the rattle
of his key chain. My friend Amy says she avoids trouble by
becoming invisible. Sometimes we’re just a scale in need of a weight.
Trouble is when you think you are invisible and you are just trouble.
Meteors are invisible until the burn up in the atmosphere.
It’s what kills things that makes them visible. Levinas says
that we are involved in everyone’s death. That means the nameless
juvenile killed in the drive by on 36th street, and the girl gutted
for attending school in Afghanistan. Flocks of souls rise form
the desert like a mirage. The tongues of the silent sit like coffins.
They say nothing of the acid thrown in the girls’ faces, nothing
about what God might mean. They are no Ezekials. Nor are we.
But what was Alexander Bell supposed to mean in all this?
That the only worlds that endure are what we invent?
He wanted to build a clock for a time beyond our own.
Its beds are empty. Its rivers run dry. Oars with no boats.
One thing begins to cancel out another until nothing is left.
There are such abandoned places inside me, I don’t know.
Spinoza said the soul is just the body’s idea of itself.
He thought God was a precise but invisible clock.
This isn’t getting me anyplace. Maybe I should have
ignored Bell and started with the heron. I saw a perfect
white one fly over the Thai restaurant the other night.
There are too many ideas flickering here like those votive
candles trying to fill the hollow spaces of the church.
Some of them flicker then turn into invisible daylight stars.
In the beginning the universe was nothing but a quantum see saw.
In some Churches the candles are electric which takes us
back to Alexander Bell. I have to find a way for him to leave.
All of our light is borrowed from somewhere that’s
no longer where it was, the galaxies, the sun, our own
solar system all running away from each other
and leaving a kind of vacuum we’ll never fill.
No wonder the figures in our dreams always disguise
who they really are. There’s hardly anyone in this church
except the woman mourning at the side altar for her
dying husband. What do we call the space we leave behind?
Aeneas grasped the empty air he thought was his mother.
Is that why we feel a presence when there’s nothing there?
Leonardo’s lost Battle of Anghiari probably lies hidden
behind Vasari‘s great painting in the city hall of Florence.
Or it may not. X-Rays will tell us. But when you take away
anything there is still the space it occupied. It’s nothing.
No one except Goya knew how to show war’s real horrors
like his man impaled on a scrub oak tree, something
like what they’ve done in Bosnia. Or to Neda Agha Soltan
pictured shot and dying on a Tehran street by a cell phone
Bell once imagined as his visible speech machine.
If only we could be invisible to the shadows holding guns.
We never know how many beats are left in our hearts.
Still, if you do nothing you might as well be invisible.
Nothing lasts forever. The clocks are frowning. The soul
sounds hoarse. A farmer plows up a decades-old bomb.
There are baby stars being born in the empty space
of the universe. When they die they turn into diamonds.
No one knows why one of the stars in Orion is shrinking.
Most of what I’ve mentioned here came from text messages.
The tourists phones glow like tiny halos over their words.
We’ve begun to decipher radio waves from the big bang.
Is it true that we came from nothing? that those figures
in the backs of our minds are nothing but short circuits
or like the names worn off of old tombstones? like these
shattered frescoes searching for their originals? What
about you who I’ve kept hidden here all this time? Sometimes
we leave our feelings in the mirror for the next person
to put on. Our promises leave without closing the door.
They wander troubled among our dying neurons. That’s why
we can hear the heart’s despair in that little ringing in
our ears. Maybe the soul is a player piano we pretend to play.
In the altar fresco Moses is saying his last words to everyone
he’s loved. For a moment he seems to want to reach for
whatever last vision walks in shadow across his brain.
I can hear the Sexton starting to close the doors.
I think each of these sentences can fit into their own twitter.
How far have the light photons around us traveled?
The lines from here to there are all down. The man outside is
selling postcards from the Rapture. It doesn’t include me.
This used to be troubling but now its nothing.
Whatever Moses said rests like a refugee in his brain.
His trees seem to grasp the sky. His hope is scratching
new stories in the stained glass. The last tourists listen
to their guided earphones as if the static could tell them
what he was promised, but it’s nothing, nothing at all.

Symbol of Love
Symbol of Love

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The Sound I Felt ~ Rumors that “Jazz is becoming Extinct” have been Greatly Exaggerated! Featuring “They Can’t Take That Away From Me” by Erroll Garner

“I love Fifty Shades enough to become vulnerable”  Dakota Johnson Fifty Shades of Grey

102_23.11.2008 Tony Malaby and Mario Pavone Double Tenor 5tet,Geneva by JC Hernandez amr geneva
102_23.11.2008 Tony Malaby and Mario Pavone Double Tenor 5tet,Geneva by JC Hernandez amr geneva

JazzLine News wrote an article on March 9th, 2015 entitled “Jazz Has Become The Least-Popular Genre In The U.S.”  I totally disagree because you cannot quantify culture or art or anything that involves bringing beauty and joy to our lives!  It is like trying to grab a hold of air.   Besides I know a lot of jazz cats and chicks living and dead who would beg to differ with Mr. La Rosa and would challenge him by asking whether he truly loves jazz  and how his love can convey the hope and promise that Jazz has maintained from its inception.  Jazz has been scrutinized, vilified and has downright taken a beating with respect to criticism and evaluating its worth in American Life.  So, I defer to Gerald Early’s take on Jazz which reflects a lotta folks when he wrote “I think there are only three things America will be known for 2,000 years from now when they study this civilization the Constitution, jazz music, and baseball.

Jazz dropped into the scene as an American form of musical expression at the beginning of the 20th Century.  Jazz gave life dimension to become expansive, universal, and prolific by capturing color, timbre and reflected the shades of life experiences through sound.   Jazz provided the most influential approach to music for all time.  It is and has always been open to folks from all walks of life.  Jazz applies improvisational self expressions and the hot rhythms of life infused with harmonic manipulations through solo and group performances. It is a breath of freedom that is giving birth to contemporary life and is constantly recreating exciting new soulful sounds that examines and redefines the old and familiar music. Jazz spans the spectrum — from soothing background music to an art form where sounds challenge and require unwavering attention.  It is a beautiful thing to hear deep emotion as conveyed in John Coltrane’s Alabama or Duke Ellington’s Come Sunday.  Louis Armstrong’s Stardust was sheer momentousness. Fresh Sounds Records rated Erroll Garner’s Concert by the Sea as “One of the biggest selling jazz albums of all time. This release -released here with its instantly recognizable original cover includes the complete classic album that was recorded in a former church on the coastline at Carmel, California.”  Give a listen and check out the video snap of Mr. Garner doing his thing.

Finding jazz in everyday life is what gives me the fuzzies and comforts me like meditation and prayer.  I would rather look for the beauty in life and what brings grace to my life then try and quantify my life.  When it comes time for me to die, I want to be like all the men and women Jazz Legends when standing at the Pearly Gates of Heaven to be welcomed because they made a contribution to life not by the number of albums they sold but because they did what God asks all of us to do, spread the Word!  Where were you and what comes to mind when you listen, was it at home, in school, or watching a Woody Allen movie or even Birdman?  Peace & Love Out!  😎 & ❤

live life to the fullest quotes (2)

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Is Fear a Factor that is Running Your Life? 10 Riff Changes 2 Get Ur Groove Back feat, “Jazz Odyssey” by New Age Jazz with a 10 Min Guided Meditation

facing Fear

“Courage is more exhilarating than fear and in the long run it is easier. We do not have to become heroes overnight. Just a step at a time, meeting each thing that comes up, seeing it is not as dreadful as it appeared, discovering we have the strength to stare it down.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt You Learn by Living

I don’t know about you, but with all the things that are happening in our world, culture and lives are riddled with fear, and for the most part takes center stage in our lives, grabbing us by the throat and suffocating us in our decision-making process. The irony of it is that most of the time we don’t even realize it. This is partly true because of the media and the learned behavior from our culture tends to stylize “fear” as a socially acceptable form of “stress.” And stress—stress is considered a trophy of success!

In the 60s “fear is for sissies or chumps”. It is a sign of weakness.  It was confused with shame and courage and it was something that we needed to hide from others and deal with it in secret.   In literature it was called “The Dark Night of the Soul”.  NOT!  I have lived long enough to know that FEAR and COURAGE cannot share the same couch.  It became a truth especially when I was paralyzed in 1990 and when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Here is how the scenario ran for me, when I was diagnosed both times it was a Game Changer.  My life was never going to be the same.  The fear of not being able to walk was Huge!  The doctors could not find out what was causing it and it was slowly climbing up my legs and Thank God it stopped when it affected my gag reflex.  The doctors finally came up with Guillain-Barré Syndrome.  Angela who became a dear friend who was diagnosed two years before me had to walk with a cane and had to cross the street in NYC at the slide which is where folks in wheelchairs were able to navigate the street and sidewalk curbs.  Others in my support group were not so lucky, some died, some were put on a respirator for the rest of their lives.  Being an active thirty something year old who played Varsity Tennis.  I was devastated.  What made matters worse was that my father did not believe it was a real illness.  There is nothing wrong with you, it’s all in your head, you need to snap out of it and get a job!  Fear became a permanent resident in my heart.

Fear is sneaky, and it shows up in all kinds of disguises, but until you see it for what it is, it’s hard to come into right relationship with fear.  So, I decided I had had enough.  Fear was now something that I had to stop somatizing!  I decided to face it and embrace it as a part of my life.  Here are the riff changes I used to get my life back.  Who knew that I would once again re-enter my life in 2000 with my diagnosis of Breast Cancer.

  1. You are unique – Perfection is the conduit to Fear of Failure

If you become afraid of criticism, failure, or rejection, you are setting yourself up to the illusion of being perfect.  Growing up with jazz and the musicians who improvise and create their own style of living which is facing fear and adversity; I learned that trusting and accepting that God’s grace allows us to recover and heal us because we weren’t made perfect —facing fear is the portal to real intimacy, to be known, loved, and accepted for our true self.

  1. Don’t settle.

Taking risks is a major part of living.  If you become afraid to take risks, challenge conformity, and go for what you really want you have let fear and your ego convince you that you are not good enough.  Then you feel that all of your relationships, your job, and your Life is as good as it gets.   You have forgotten how to dream. That childhood curiosity and imagination are lost.  Settling is not an option.   When you choose to face and get past your fear, hope is reawakened in your heart.  That choice speaks to creating the future where you will not stand for anything less than joy, vitality, even miracles.  Mindfulness meditation and improvisation helps to focus on what you want and where your values are.

  1. Say yes to the Stress.

Being afraid that you will disappoint people or get rejected if you don’t say yes, you have given the power to others and what is outside of yourself.   When you choose, make that choice because it will benefit everyone.  Friends are not really friends if they do not respect your choices.  Only you know what is good for you!

  1. No means No.

You cannot fear something that you know in your heart is the right choice.  If you fear you’re your friends or loved ones will not like you or they want to go in a different direction as you and you don’t want to go in that direction and are afraid of losing them, then I have found that they were not really my friends.  You have to risk it to get the biscuit!  No keeps life honest.  It requires thought and consideration and if you decide that No is right for you, go with it now matter what.  It’s healthy.

  1. There is no escaping fear.

Fear can cause a lot of inner pain, a kind of soul sickness that manifests as depression, anxiety, restlessness, helplessness, hopelessness, frustration, sadness, loneliness, and fatigue. We live in a society that there is a Pill for everything.  The best medicine is to confront and face the discomfort to triumph over feeling the inner pain and void that all of us face one time or another in life.  Drinking or drugging is just another panacea that eludes us into believing that we can control our pain and fear.  It does just the opposite.  It will affect you in so many negative ways that it could take you down a path that you may not be able to recover from.  Fear is transformative because if you use mindfulness mediation and then improvise using your experience and style it is a way better high than any drug or drink can give you.  It will also build your repertoire that will last a lifetime.  You will develop the chops to do the deep transformative work that leads you to freedom.  Eleanor Roosevelt said it best…Discipline of mind and body is one of the most difficult things one has to acquire, but in the long run it is a valuable ingredient of education and a tremendous bulwark in time of trouble. Certainly, it is essential in meeting defeats and recovering from disaster.

  1. Why put off tomorrow what you can do today.

That speaks to the everyday choices you make that will keep you in your groove.  Procrastination is good when you prioritize it in terms of staying in the moment.  It is very helpful to me when I look at the situation or the task and decide that I will not worry about that now, I will worry about that at 6 o’clock this evening when I am able to focus and meditate the best plan of action.  Scheduling specific times to worry, fear, etc. is the best way of living in the moment.

  1. Don’t Freeze UP.

It is harmful to practice avoiding to make a decision or take an action that you know you must make. It’s a good thing to trust your gut or intuition will tell you that it’s time to leave a toxic relationship or to go a different way. It is critical to set boundaries with your loved ones, friends and people in general. Be impeccable with your words and speak up when your integrity is breached at work or in your daily life.

     8.  You are responsible to control You and no one else.

The only thing we can truly control in our lives is breathing, walking, and sustain ourselves.  So leave the micromanaging and manipulating control to God or the Universe.  When I realized that being right, or manipulating a situation is so WRONG and not in my control I found that life is so joyous and liberating.  I know that my parental unit was deemed with that control thing when I was a child.  However, the flip side would be to empower me with the skills and swagger to act in the world on the foundation of  values and beliefs that benefit everyone and not just myself.  Letting go is powerful in that it resonates with harmony and brings about miracles.

  1. Sometimes we should use the Right to Remain Silent.

There is nothing worse in this world than a person who is full of unsolicited Advice.  When folks come up to me, whether they are friends, family or coworkers, the best thing I have learned to do is listen.  Not go into some diatribe about how it happened to me and what happened and just taking over the conversation.  Yes it is true, I is not about you all the time!

  1. When Fear has its way.

Fear isn’t just an uncomfortable feeling that holds you back from following your dreams, connecting with your true tribe, and serving out your life’s purpose.   It can serve as a trigger for stress responses in the body that can morph into disease and prevent the body’s ability to heal itself. Fear has had its way with me when I was just a little chick.  It played a major role in my paralysis and living with breast cancer.  Facing fear is what keeps my thrivin’ and most of all alive.

A Positive Magazine Meditation Relaxation Inspiration

10 Minute Guided Meditation to ease Anxiety, Worry, and Urgency | Soothing | instant Calm | POWERFUL!  Calm relaxing mediation 10 minute guided meditation video to help ease Anxiety, worry and the sense of urgency.

live life to the fullest quotes (2)

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