The death of the jazzy afternoons

Jazz in a glorious moment! Awesome…Peace Out! JBC

The aspect of life


A year has gone by, passing away like a jazzy stringing

It didn’t have any nuance of romance, nor did he hear her singing

And even if she was his favorite muse, although he never admitted

All her hope packed in late afternoons has died, as he a murder committed.

A jazz musician she thought would for the stringing care a little more

His stringing was only emotions spraying over her a layer of horror

And the spraying was the only jazzy in her secret love affair

Having his existence here and there, but never complete with her to share.

The year has gone without any of their secret meeting around five

She felt even lack of the sprayed jazz making her previously alive

She has now the jazz only, but the musician not anymore

A muse to a jazz-player she will not be, as she swore!

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