The Sound I felt ~ Bringing Bebop into your life by Changing the Beat can Transform an Ordinary to Extraordinary Life featuring Sweet Synergy Suite with Jazz Icon Charles McPherson


“To live is to be musical, starting with the blood dancing in your veins. Everything living has a rhythm. Do you feel your music?” ~ ― Michael Jackson

Changes” in the jazz world refers to “a series of chords or the harmonic structure of a melody”.  Life through a metaphorical lens refers to changes with respect to the choices that we make to create and structure our lives acoustically, visually and more importantly rhythmically.  When I woke up this morning and realized changes are the only constant in my life.  Accepting the fact that these changes big or small have varying effects depending upon whether I feel them as opposed to seeing or hearing them because it transforms my perception and flexibility with respect to the total experience.  It is important to develop a willingness to continue running and playing with these the elements of changes so that it affects how it feels to be fully human and alive.  I am trying to remain calm when life seems to be spinning out of control with the media constantly bombarding me with terrorist’s attacks, child abuse, crime, global warming, the cost of living going above and beyond my financial means and living with breast cancer’s vestiges and assortment of complications.  These daily trials and tribulations cause stress making the experience very torturous and quite uncomfortable.  Yes, I understand that there are good days and bad days, but, what I am learning is that I create little changes or riffs in my physical state through rhythm.  That’s is where the beat comes in.  The step it up or slow it down to reset myself to find a way of stemming and accepting the things in my  life that I have no control over.  So, yes dancing in the dark or playing something that intentionally changes the tempo is where to begin.  The results change my life course.  I am no longer afraid.  I have faith that whatever comes into my life, I will breathe and catch my breath so that I can tap into my soul and find the rhythm for me to live, love and expand.  Today I selected Sweet Synergy Suite with Jazz Icon Charles McPherson as an example of how rhythm can reinforce accepting and the actualization of living a fully liminal life.  Check it out!   It has a greater impact when you can actually be at the performance.  But, it takes me back to when my parents took us to see a Broadway play or watching the black and white classic movie starring Audrey Hepburn, Rita Hayworth, or Dorothy Dandridge.

“Sweet Synergy Suite”- Promo

Sweet Synergy Suite incorporates Afro-Cuban, Latin and Be-bop Jazz rhythms and compositions while expressing the array of human emotions.  Composed by jazz legend, Charles McPherson, the piece will feature a line up of some of San Diego’s most stellar jazz musicians, including Mr. McPherson himself. World class music and San Diego’s finest dancers will share the stage for this unforgettable event. Also on the bill,  the world premiere of a 8 Duets,. Set to Eight Duets, Op.39 by Reinhold Gliere performed by internationally renowned violinist Paivikki Nykter and cellist Cecilia Kim.

I am looking forward through my windshield and not seeing  life through my rearview mirror.  I have a whole new energy that is allowing my memoir to take form giving me an immense sense of fulfillment and sense of satisfaction.  Improvisation is definitely part of the mix.  That it is better to write according to my temperament rather than worrying about things that are not in my control.  I have to find what works for me in each moment and letting the past serve as a key to unlock the mystery.  That allows me to feel so alive and energized. But I still keep hearing my father’s voice telling me that “I am too sensitive”  and that it is some grand defect, then I hear the song he wrote for me and the tempo changes and now all I can hear and feel is now you’ve got it, that’s what I’m talking about!  Change is life’s mainstay. Perfection, fear and change cannot take center stage at the same time. So, this past week I embraced change. Life has become way more fun, open and accepting imperfections because they are part of the program.  Of course the discomfort creeps in particularly a fear of sailing into uncharted waters, now it serves as a gentle reminder evoking me to be creative and changing the beat. Letting go of disappointments and how things were, no matter how fractured things may seem, is not an easy task. It takes a ginormous amount of energy and courage to let go because it is an inside job. But it instills grace. Grace to forgive myself and others, to let go of ideas of who I am or should be and how I think things and others should be. Surrendering and replacing my old negative thoughts with hope, love and freedom. Change happens whether I choose to be a part or not. This has been the most exhilarating week.  So bring on the past memories.  Either way I am blessed. I have battened down the hatches in preparation for the Tsunami that is approaching! Kind words and prayers are welcome.  I have reserved Saturdays for resetting and altering the tempo of my personal space, thoughts are constantly floating through my mind preparing me for what Joel Osteen calls “Your Season”  and with that comes a process that we all must get though with a sense of timing and rhythm that will prepare you for the life you want.  Peace & Love Out!  JBC 8–) & ❤

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