The Sound I felt ~ Improvisation on a Jazz Literary Canvas ~Self Imag(I)nation by Jannàt Marie featuring Charles Mingus – Self Portrait in Three Colors with Romare Bearden on Odessey…A Trip of Self Discovery on Canvas

Romare Bearden Odyssey - a trip of self discovery
Romare Bearden Odyssey – a trip of self discovery

Happy New Year!  Walden chronicles Thoreau‘s exploration of his capabilities and search for spiritual understanding. Thoreau recounts his personal journey of daily life  and the  obstacles that materialistic society places in the path of the person.  We all must discover our spiritual truth that lies at the end of the journey. Thoreau focuses on the quest and our compelling need to better understand life and humanness.   Walden reflects Thoreau’s spiritual growth,  and as with all of our lives, the progress of this growth is not linear.   It has peaks and valleys, periods of latency as well as of inspired perception.  So let’s begin our 2015 jazz journey with the first step and set this year on fire!  Blessings and may your year be full of grace, joy and enlightenment.  I wrote this poem last year around this time because, I consider every day as a blank canvas in life’s journey where there are no expectations, fear only that we breathe, have faith and always remembering to breathe…Peace and Love Out!  JBC 😎 & ❤

Self Imag(I)nation

by Jannàt Marie

I don’t care how many masters exist.

I am curious to know if you have discovered

Who You truly are or

are you still trying to fit in and find yourself?

I am curious to know if you have felt misery or

can you hear it in our children?

Are you living in the world?

or are you of this world?

With its oppressive nexus to

make you conform when reflecting

through fine tuned ears,

Proclaiming THIS IS WHO I AM!

Are you improvising how to

thrive in the cultural inferno by

leaning in to the center of your dreams

Accepting to live in every present moment

remaining rooted in a universal love

fully aware you can consciously re-Create

the misguided missives

that originated in Cultural deceit.

hope faith & love

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