Licks ~ A Step Away From Them by Frank O’Hara, Acoustic Snap w/James Moody’s “Night Flight,” Memory Byte “Chocolate Caramel Nutty Treat” on a Jackson Pollock theme and In Canvas “MAD Magazine’s Million Dollar Ooops!” Presented to U on 2014 Christmas Eve


It doesn’t get any better than this…Thank God for kool words, smooth sounds and a New York State of mind vibe when Jazz is in the mix for ambiance.   I selected this poem and tune to celebrate Jazz,  poetry licks and New York City at its best ~ Christmas time.  My father wrote this arrangement of “Night Flight” for James Moody back in the 60’s and to me it typifies and captures “…that whole Beatnik, thumb poppin’, foot tappin’ tempo thru the rollin’ thunder of the subway trains and late night sleepy flights to points unknown in a starry lit night” Vibe.  What does it evoke in you?  It may not be hip hop, but it’s definitely got that big band bebop thing goin’ on.  Peace & Love Out!  JBC 😎  <3.

A Step Away From Them

By Frank O’Hara


It’s my lunch hour, so I go
for a walk among the hum-colored
cabs. First, down the sidewalk
where laborers feed their dirty
glistening torsos sandwiches
and Coca-Cola, with yellow helmets
on. They protect them from falling
bricks, I guess. Then onto the
avenue where skirts are flipping
above heels and blow up over
grates. The sun is hot, but the
cabs stir up the air. I look
at bargains in wristwatches. There
are cats playing in sawdust.

to Times Square, where the sign
blows smoke over my head, and higher
the waterfall pours lightly. A
Negro stands in a doorway with a
toothpick, languorously agitating
A blonde chorus girl clicks: he
smiles and rubs his chin. Everything
suddenly honks: it is 12:40 of
a Thursday.

Neon in daylight is a
great pleasure, as Edwin Denby would
write, as are light bulbs in daylight.
I stop for a cheeseburger at JULIET’S
CORNER. Giulietta Maina, wife of
Federico Fellini, é bell’ attrice.
And chocolate malted. A lady in
foxes on such a day puts her poodle
in a cab.

There are several Puerto
Ricans on the avenue today, which
makes it beautiful and warm. First
Bunny died, then John Latouche,
then Jackson Pollock. But is the
earth as full of life was full, of them?
And one has eaten and one walks,
past the magazines with nudes
and the posters for BULLFIGHT and
the Manhatten Storage Warehouse,
which they’ll soon tear down. I
used to think they had the Armory
Show there.

A glass of papaya juice
and back to work. My heart is in my
pocket, it is Poems by Pierre Reverdy.

Caramel Nut Tart with Chocolate an homage to Jackson Pollock
Caramel Nut Tart with Chocolate an homage to Jackson Pollock

Memory Byte  ~ Okay JazzFoodie Fans, Thank God for A “Jackson Pollock”-esque dessert from @dashandbella: a la Google+.    What a way to end a post with Caramel Nut Tart with Chocolate

By Phyllis Grant


Author Notes: I call this a tart but it’s really batch of salty nutty caramel candy baked into a tart shell and drizzled with chocolate. It’s related to the Florentine cookie. It’s similar to nut brittle (though a bit softer). It’s packed with 3 cups of protein. It’s a great way to use up all of the nuts in your freezer. Any kind of nut works. Finely chopped walnuts. Pecan halves. Slivered almonds. Throw them all in.

Editor’s note: Use your favorite pie dough for the tart shell — we like this one: (less) – Phyllis Grant

Serves 8 to 10

  • 1recipe for your favorite tart or pie dough
  • 3cups nuts (I use walnuts, pecans, slivered almonds, and pine nuts)
  • 1cup white sugar
  • 1/2cup heavy cream
  • 3tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 1tablespoon good-quality vanilla extract
  • 1teaspoon kosher salt
  • 4ounces bittersweet chocolate
  1. Choose your tart pan. A 9- or 10-inch round or square with removable bottom works great. Roll out your tart dough and press into your pan. Refrigerate until needed.
  2. Heat oven to 350° F. Spread nuts out on a sheet pan, and toast in the oven until they just start to brown. This should take about 8 to 10 minutes, but keep an eye on them. Better yet, set a timer. Set nuts aside.
  3. In a deep pot, coat the sugar with a big splash of water (the liquid gives you a bit more control). Swirl (by the pot handle) over medium heat until the sugar dissolves. Let it boil away for a few minutes. Once it starts to darken in patches, swirl the pan to make sure it’s caramelizing evenly. The burning sugar will smell smoky and sweet. It’s ready when it’s the shade of Grade B maple syrup. (Think the color of an old copper penny.) It will continue to darken even after you remove it from the heat and it caramelizes more in the tart shell, so err on the lighter side. Take off the heat.
  4. Immediately (and carefully) whisk the the heavy cream into the caramel. Mixing caramelized sugar with heavy cream brings about quite a reaction: The mixture will rise up, almost overflowing. And then it will start to settle back down into a calmer mash-up of sugar, curds, and whey. Whisk it and it will unite into a creamy golden syrup. Add butter and stir until completely melted. Whisk in vanilla extract and salt. Add toasted nuts and mix until evenly coated with caramel. Pour mixture into prepared tart shell and spread it out evenly. Bake until edges of the crust are light brown and the caramel/nut mixture is bubbling and a shade darker (check after 30 minutes, but it will probably take a bit more time). Remove from the oven. Allow to cool completely.
  5. Remove cooled tart from the pan. Place on a cutting board. Melt chocolate in a double boiler or in a small pot over incredibly low heat. Using a spoon, drizzle chocolate all over the tart in any pattern you desire. Place in the fridge for 20 minutes to allow the chocolate to firm up. Just know that it’s very rich — so when you’re serving, cut it into small pieces. It will keep at room temperature for a few days, or in the freezer for a few months.

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