Tell it Slant Tuesday ~ RiffShot ~ Race Judicada… feat. Regina Carter – “Higher Ground” Special Note: Leila “Change” – A Song To Eliminate Racism

tell it slant tuesday

And if we don’t fight 
if we don’t resist 
if we don’t organize and unify and 
get the power to control our own lives 
Then we will wear 
the exaggerated look of captivity 
the stylized look of submission 
the bizarre look of suicide 
the dehumanized look of fear 
and the decomposed look of repression 
forever and ever and ever 
And there it is ~ Jayne Cortez

race rlns

There is a reason why music and poetry are timeless.  Yet the words and the thoughts reflect the times that we live in.  Sometimes you can use a lot of words when only a few would do.  Racism is a phenomenon of culture, a birth defect if you will, it gives rise to emotions that all of us wish would just fade away.    Jazz belongs to everyone.  Its beginnings were stained by society’s deference to understanding the people who played it.  It was stigmatized and was used as a device to suppress and not to liberate which is what the spirit of the sound was all about.  The sixties became the era that all things changed.  Lil Hardin Armstrong before going onto the bandstand once said “We used to look out at you all and say, ‘What are they staring at?  Why are they all here?’  That is what racism and discrimination played upon.  I believe that racism will always be around.  The only difference now, after going through years of “staring” and “tolerating”, now is the time for everyone to change that script to one the includes conversations of compassion and embracing the differences that each of us possesses.  We were born into it.  And it is not a defect.  Cultural Anthropology dictates that it is necessary to find that higher place so that Humanity will transcend our racial differences and to color beyond the lines of life that includes Black, White, Blue, Yellow and Red – to live fully on the blank canvas of Life. Here is a special treat for this holiday season…Peace & Love Out!  JBC -8) & ❤

Leila “Change” – A Song To Eliminate Racism

A beautiful song I am blessed to have co-written with 2 amazing writers & souls! K.C. Porter & Francesca Richard .”Change” will be on my new CD “Soul Ascension” & is also currently available at Oneness is a not for profit organization based out of Los Angeles whose mission is to eliminate hate and racism through music. I was honored to have been chosen to come together with some of the top names in the music industry, all for the common goal of using our creative gifts to heal, uplift, inspire and unify. This is the actual multimedia slideshow that was used as a beautiful backdrop in my live performance video of this song. It features beautiful photographs, generously made available royalty free by their respective photographers whom I deeply appreciate and credit at the end of the live performance..may this song touch your hearts, and as it says…remind us all of our “commonality and our divinity” Blessings, Leila

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