Tell it Slant Tuesday ~ Prologue Knowing the Real You featuring Keiko Matsui – Voice Of The Heart Special short The Real You – Alan Watts

tell it slant tuesday

     plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. | The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Jazz has taught me ~ Faith in my writing opens my mind to all of life’s possibilities.  My writing is my instrument.  It means everything to me.  It’s how I feel, how I express myself, how I communicate.  As writers we use every aspect of words and sounds seeking perfection.  That’s what keeps us going.  Knowing that you’ll never get there; it is something to strive for every moment of the day.


I practice with a blank page every day.  When I start with my morning free write meditation I realize that I bring in thoughts outside of who I am and from other things.  Reflection allows you to begin the process and to bask in the present tense.  You find the rhythm in your breath and  allow a stream of words and ideas to flow.  It is a very meditative process.  Writing and collage art are definitely my spiritual gifts and paths.  When I remember my upbringing Jazz became the portal that connected me to the world I live in and saved and healed me to where my life was heading.   I lived in disguise as a child.  There was something about reading and discovering the power of words and sound that was instinctive and natural to me.  It gave me strength.  It gave me a voice.  I think that everything that I represent when people look at me demonstrates that I am a writer to the core.  I started secretly writing when I was nine years old which by all standards is far too obscure for a daughter of a renowned jazz arranger and of mixed race to be seen as a successful writer in the literary and jazz world.  I am well read and educated and although I wrote I never entered contests or attempted to publish which now I feel has worked against me.  I think I have broken some myths about how people think about Jazz in my blog posts.  The greatest lesson I’ve learned is to be vulnerable and to believe in myself.  Being socially defined and proscribed as a minority in the ‘60’s and have the pressures of the literary world can sometimes be overwhelming and a lot to handle.  Writing and Jazz helped me to understand why I am here and why my purpose is to lean into my fears and opportunities to write no matter what the circumstances or rejections.  I will always be grateful for it.  I just think that is what I was born to do….Check out Alan WattsThe Real You.

Do you know who you are?  Peace and Love Out!  JBC 😎 & >3

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