Moveable Feast Monday ~ Totally Rawsome Mediterranean Salad with FullyRaw Hummus! featuring Keiko Matsui – “Mediterranean Eyes”

Movable Feast Monday

Hey JazzFoodies, I am so sure by now that I have been eating healthy and eazy to chew and prepared meals.  Since my last visit to the hospitality suite of the Emergency Room just two weeks ago, I found that I have been told over the years that I have “anemia”.  Here’s the riff, I have a specific type of anemia also known as Thalassemia.  The diet I have been following has been rich in iron because I could not tolerate taking iron supplements.  Whoa!  FYI, if you have Thalassemia you have to avoid iron and iron rich products when you have the T type anemia.  What distresses me the most is that it has been decades of eating the wrong foods.  But, as I improvise my life and in turn not get stuck, I love creating dishes that truly make me feel good. And to me, that is the blessing in all of this.  It is sometimes difficult when you are born to a multiethnic background and living in a black and white world.  So I am going to honor and recognize my Mediterranean roots and discover super kool and delicious dishes from around the globe.  Gear up we are in flight and here is a lovely totally Rawsome Mediterranean Salad   To wit, I wish you all an Eazy Peaczy Monday!  Peace & Love Out!  JBC 😎 & ❤

Mediterranean Salad with FullyRaw Hummus! Celebrate culture, family, life, passion, and raw food, and share this colorful salad with your family and friends!

A few words from our Chef…I am half Lebanese and half Ecuadorian, and my family loves to celebrate our culture and LOVES to eat! In my culture, sharing food is a part of our culture; it’s a part of the bonding experience. Sharing food is sharing love. When I first went FullyRaw, one of the most difficult things to surpass was denying my mother’s Lebanese food. It wasn’t that I was desiring the food, but I missed the cultural aspect of sharing a dish and that bond with my family and friends. Also, I wanted to be able to share my new passion for health and raw foods with them. Therefore, I came up with this Mediterranean Salad with Hummus recipe to share with them! Eating cultural dishes doesn’t have to be unhealthy, but it can be delicious, colorful, and savory! Hummus is an all-time Arabic favorite, and you can use it as a side dip or a salad dressing! Raw food is beautiful food!

This salad is EPIC, savory, and tasty! It’s all about the flavors coming together to celebrate taste, culture, family, passion, and love!

There are a lot of ingredients in this salad because it is all of the flavors that make it absolutely delectable! An infusion of flavor is the Mediterranean way! 🙂

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