WordPlay Wednesday ~ anyone lived in a pretty how town by e.e. Cummings featuring Benny Carter – Symphony In Riffs


Jazz poetry dropped into American Life in the 1920’s.  With that came a cultural change that manifested into a perspective that embellished and captured the two elements of Jazz:  Rhythm and Improvisation.  Poetry took flight and poet’s like Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot and of course one of my heroes…e. e. Cummings.  It became a whirlwind romance that challenged literary forms and impact of the Roaring 20’sJazz Poetry like jazz was an artform that confronted and expressed the cultural rage of American mores and society to become an outsider, a counter-culture and took residence in the Beat generation in the ‘20’s through the 40’s with poet’s like Rexroth, Kerouac, Ferlinghetti, Baraka, Jayne Cortez, Mina Loy to name a few.  It revolutionized and immortalized Poetry into the 20th Century that gave birth to its loving children…Hip Hop, live poetry and poetry slams. 

Today is Wednesday, my Feung Shui the grey matter day to prepare for my spiritual mindfulness improvisation on thoughts, words and sound.  Benny Carter’s Symphony In Riffs is a flash back in the way back laid back machine to the 20s jazz sound and theme.  I have paired these two pieces to get your groove on and finding jazz in everyday life.  #Timeless.  Peace Out!  JBC 😎

Great Gatsby Party Courtesy of Gatsby Pages Wikispacesdotcom
Great Gatsby Party Courtesy of Gatsby Pages Wikispacesdotcom

anyone lived in a pretty how town

by e. e. Cummings

anyone lived in a pretty how town
(with up so floating many bells down)
spring summer autumn winter
he sang his didn’t he danced his did

Women and men(both little and small)
cared for anyone not at all
they sowed their isn’t they reaped their same
sun moon stars rain

children guessed(but only a few
and down they forgot as up they grew
autumn winter spring summer)
that noone loved him more by more

when by now and tree by leaf
she laughed his joy she cried his grief
bird by snow and stir by still
anyone’s any was all to her

someones married their everyones
laughed their cryings and did their dance
(sleep wake hope and then)they
said their nevers they slept their dream

stars rain sun moon
(and only the snow can begin to explain
how children are apt to forget to remember
with up so floating many bells down)

one day anyone died i guess
(and noone stooped to kiss his face)
busy folk buried them side by side
little by little and was by was

all by all and deep by deep
and more by more they dream their sleep
noone and anyone earth by april
wish by spirit and if by yes.

Women and men(both dong and ding)
summer autumn winter spring
reaped their sowing and went their came
sun moon stars rain.

Courtesy of Creative Commons Musical_notes_tattoo_by_playthis

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