Word Play Wednesday…Here’s The Only Way Left For Regular Guys/Gals Like You And Me To Listen 2 ur life as a Portal to Self Discovery and Expression using Mindfulness Improv to turn Adversity into Love feat. RelaxingRecords – Smooth Jazz Evening – Brain Music


My year of living musically focused on the ability to listen to discern one style from another.  There are specific characteristics that can allow you to search for the truth in our hearts and through self-expression that bring us closer.  Listening intentionally make those sounds come true.  Hearing is the foyer to listening in the parlor, where self-analysis leads to a better understanding of yourself and others.  I had a conversation the other day and it felt as though they were not listening.  I could tell from the questions they asked.  Hearing has become commonplace and superficial in its nature.  Your voice is not heard because of the weeds that grow out of only hearing, and not engaging.  It is a symphony of cacophony.  The sounds at the end of the day left me feeling barren and alone.  I befriended my voice in my head, only to hear how sterile and contrived life had become.  It was a conspiracy of nay-sayers that can bring only darkness to the light.  Hard hearted they come and crowd my voice separating me from my soul.  On the bright side it is only temporary and you can turn things around in any given moment.

Hearing is illusion personified by benign neglect.  Reading aloud in a language you cannot understand.   To have ears, that had become defended by the madness and noise of society.  Let’s Play


Jannat Marie

His cadence moved me.

tonality and voicing askew

began as a thought.

Timing in one note

A picture in a thousand words

Reveals culture’s rage

emerged over time “freeing” the beat

flavored by emotional riffs

hearing in the seasoning thyme

Tasting memories

hot crusted timbre sings

crying out for freedom

Feeling the sounds in the sun

seeing a warm moist noise of forgiveness

Hearing life’s rhythm in 4/4 time

senses filled with harmony

where meeting counterpoint to point

at the synergy of knowing

equality of rights anoint

Dancing in darkness

becomes a conspiracy of the truth.


So jazz does not have to be an acquired taste.  I began listening to jazz in my mother’s womb.  Dad took me to rehearsals and recording of the Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra when I was nine years old and I became a fan instantly.  Transforming the sounds to words and art I felt inside.  I had fallen in love with sound and words.  Dad taught the basics about jazz music and the musicians form of self expression and improvisation.  It will enhance your listening experience immensely.  So, lean back, open your mind and heart as we begin our wonderful process of exploring jazz terrains and vistas.  Peace Out!

Japanese translation for meaning
Japanese translation for meaning

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