Jazz Bytes ~ “A Movable Feast of Raw Vegan and “Vegan’ish” Dishes ~ An Awesome Mushroom Nut Loaf featuring Jimmy Rushing – Hello Little Girl

Welcome to “A Movable Feast of Raw Vegan and “Veganish” from the Secret Habits of A Jazz Foodie Entertaining and Recipe Collection for Sustainability and Wellness”

Mens Bar - Plaza Hotel New York City (Back in the day)
Mens Bar – Plaza Hotel New York City (Back in the day)

Last year I launched a Holiday on the Side feature from my Jazz Byte Collection.  I am pleased to say, We got game this year!  So for all of my Foodie and Foodie’ish’ friends I am going to give sample menus and entertaining anecdotes from Back in the Day that will include cuisine from my father’s side of the family that came from an island in the Indian Ocean called “Reunion”  right of the coast of Madagascar.  My mom’s side of the family came from New York state giving me roots from the Seneca Nation more specifically Iroquois.  So we are gonna gear up to head toward exotic and intoxicating terrains in vista from Mediterranean, North African, Native American and everywhere else in between.  Just give you a taste…Apple Soup, Chana Marsala with Green Chili and Mango Rice; Raw Spinach Manicotti and can’t forget the Gumbo; and an amazing Cashew Soup.  The recipes range from quick to relatively complex requiring basic equipment and skill.  I have sensory memories and can recall dishes in my head.  Kinda scary I know but works for me!

I am a true blue foodie to the core.  I learned how to cook in my 7th grade Home Economics class in Los Angeles.  When I got home, I asked my mom if I could help with dinner.  Mom didn’t like to cook because growing up in the fifties when my grandmother did all the cooking and only allowed mom to bake desserts.  Dad commented Your mom had a recipe box which I quickly opened to find baking stuff.  Marian where are the recipes for food?  Mom shot a glance You know that my mom did not allow me to cook, but baking was okay.  Their first Thanksgiving was a disaster!  Mom did not let it thaw and did not remove the package of neck bones, liver, etc.  She put it into the oven and after six hours removed it from the oven and it was raw.  So, dad did most of the cooking and taught me how to cook.  He bought the full Time Life Cuisine from Around the World series.  I learned to cook, Greek/Mediterranean. Italian, JapaneseCantoneseFrench you name it, I cooked it.  I can remember the smells evaporating and infusing the sound of jazz with the sensual smells coming from the kitchen.  Mom set the table, dad and my brother sat down with a knife in the left hand and fork in the right hand with the napkin tucked into their collars proclaiming…Where are we going tonight?  How about you, do you have a favorite memory of cooking?  These posts will not only change our sensibilities’ in way we see, taste and groove and entertain.  This is something that even meat lovers will enjoy!  Bon Appétit!   Peace and Love JBC 😎 ❤   Here are the Sounds to entertain by:

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