Jazz Byte: RAW VEGAN CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES (no food processor/blender required)

My Message to You from my Heart…

Become aware that you already possess all the inner wisdom, strength, and creativity needed to make your dreams come true. This is hard for most of us to realize because the source of this unlimited personal power is buried so deeply beneath the bills, the car pool, the deadlines, the business trip, and the dirty laundry that we have difficulty accessing it in our daily lives. When we can’t access our inner resources, we come to the flawed conclusion that happiness and fulfillment come only from external events. That’s because external events usually bring with them some sort of change. . . . ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

This is the last of the recipes for 2013.  What better way to ring in the New Year than with Healthy Decadent Chocolate Truffles.    January, you get the gift of time.  This gift gives us more time with our loved ones and family; and more time for you.  January is the time when you’ll have the space to work on any resolutions you’ve made.  You’ll have the time to cook those healthy meals, and set into place routines that will help you to grow in your body~mind~spirit.  January is about settling into a routine, and indulging in creativity and imagination.  It’s a cozy, comfortable time.  The days are getting longer, slowly, so be sure to take in as many sunrises as you can.

sunrise on water

So make these oh so easy truffles and carry on the message from above to you from me… We can learn to be the catalysts for our own change. . . .you already possess all you need to be genuinely happy.  Are you ready?  Spread your wings and set sail into the life that is waiting especially for you.  Although we have our own paths, we are all on this journey together.

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    1. You betcha! I know that for 2014 I am slowly changing over to raw vegan -vegan because this last time I came out of remission really took a toll on me. So I want a minimalist eating style that is simple and tasty and I try the recipes before I post them, Thanks, JBC 😎


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