RiffShot of Jazz Memories feat. Miriam Makeba perfom. Pata Pata

Dad always introduced us to many cultures.  I remember the time when we moved back to New York we went to visit Dizzy Gillespie and his wife Lorraine in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.  One beautiful fall Sunday we also visited Miriam Makeba and her husband  Hugh Masekela who lived a few miles from the Gillespie’s.  It was fascinating to have an up close personal view of their food and culture and to meet folks from South Africa to hear their struggles for a different type of freedom.  I was forever changed and saw how it was translated into the Jazz world.  The rhythms touched my soul and gave a new meaning to my life.  Peace Out!

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15 thoughts on “RiffShot of Jazz Memories feat. Miriam Makeba perfom. Pata Pata

  1. Gosh, I love this piece. Can you tell me when this song was recorded. I was at a Harry Belefonte concert in the late sixties. If memory serves me correctly, he and Miriam Makeba did a sensual number that gave me chills. Might she be of the correct age to have done such a concert with him?


    1. Right On! I just remember the food, and the clicking sounds that as a kid was a whole lot of fun and opened my heart to a new perspective on Freedom! Thanks for the comment. Take care, JBC 😛


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