Reiki, Synchronicity and Life

Beautifully said. It is part of my morning writing practice soulful sounds, big cup of Bahia Coffee and looking into my soul…Thank you. In Joy & Light, JBC

The Oracle Of Ahwatukee . . .

???? Vol.18 ???????

It’s funny how things work out. A friend of mine always says things will come to you when you are ready. I’ve been trying to spread my wings and get out there and find my passion. I think I’m like many people and have varied interests, but nothing in particular is calling to me. I decided to just live my life, enjoy re-immersing myself in my woman’s club and making new friendships. Going out to lunch, book clubs, etc. taking part in new hobbies like volunteering at Arizona Human Society with new people and life will happen.

When I first was thinking of moving to Arizona I remember I had a calling from deep within to pursue Reiki and with it found inner calm and the passion for it. With time, life stepped in and I lost the zeal for it, setting it aside for other things.

It has been…

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