The Object of The Pursuit of Happiness

“I must see my life as a work in progress. Nothing about me is ever final.” Deepak Chopra

I will begin by developing my core strengths that serve as the foundation for building happiness in my life. I will reduce and donate the material goods that I have that do not bring happiness.  It gives life such a sense of renewal and freedom when one chooses to live simply and not measure life by materialistic standards.  Meditating and thinking about assumptions which are curiously embedded and cloaked with judgments, fears and negative beliefs to transforming them into the happiness that exists in this very moment. So begin your path to happiness by showing and sharing gratitude for the people who have touched our lives and who mean so much to us.  Letting go of the extrinsic thoughts and beliefs and embracing happiness comes from within.

KARMA is an act, action, activity, whether mental, emotional, physical, internal or external, and done whether in knowledge, ignorance or casually by chance.. It is a total of accumulated results and responses being experienced or created as events in time, originating from an individual and/or a collective action. It seems that folks like to throw the term karma around especially when it comes to “payback”. But that is not how karma works. It is the creation of a daily practice of living and doing the right thing through love, kindness and compassion. Christians regard it as the favor of the LORD. It means that accepting everything that is positive and to remain focused on “good” rather than doing or thinking negatively.

 The positive thought or belief that happiness is found in individual thoughts and behaviors has a profound effect when it is connected to a wider purpose when it involves the well-being of others. So starting today I am going to include in my daily practice the intention to make a point of doing considerate, loving and generous things for others on a daily basis. I want to seize and choose opportunities to do the right thing and express gratitude for all of the kindnesses that I receive.

 So just for today, I am going to inhale the positive light and accept the truth that negative forces are always in play.  The difference comes when I seek happy thoughts and actions and let go of the negative in order to keep a balanced life. To this end, I am once again grateful to my friends, old and new and to this life that I have been given. Karma wise what more can anyone ask for?   Peace Out!

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