The Object is Consciousness in Finding What Brings Happiness to Your Life…

“New Birth, New Creation” by Carol Lynne

Life is change, every moment brings change.
In this moment there is creation
There is passion
There is fire
There is birth
A new idea
A new creation
A new love
A new passion.
Energies stir within my soul
And new aspects are born in this moment.
All is excitement
All is wonderment
A am in awe as I experience new creation
New birth.

The Vedanta teaches us that there are seven states of consciousness. These states are: (1) deep sleep; (2) dream state which occurs while we are in the 1st state; (3) awake state which we are in the majority of the time; (4) meditative state where we have a glimpse of the soul; (5) cosmic consciousness; (6) divine consciousness and finally (7) unity consciousness. Today I feel in a somewhat reflective mode and am ready to move on and following my dreams. When I was 3 years old I was passionate about books and reading. When I sat in my mom’s lap as she read from a reader brought me immeasurable joy at the deepest level. I now realize my love of writing and reading were born and established that passion has a kinship with what is essential for my life. Ironically, I am asking questions that I usually reserve for the New Year and a way to release the negative energies of my previous endeavors.  I didn’t get the grant I applied for a few months ago.  I have an abscessed tooth that I am getting pulled today.  This time I am blogging and working on new projects that give me boundless energy and following my North Star.  It was not my time for that grant.  What is the most significant are the internal questions and what would be inspiration for both my mental and physical state of being.  Meditating and opening up your heart to the possibilities is what keeps me going.  Experience has proven that.  So I am going to lean in on my dreams and learn from my mistakes.  Embracing the wonder and mystery of life and expanding my mind and connect with my inner world manifesting and creating a change that benefits everything and everyone .  I lay back, I plug-in my iPod and crank up the volume of Things Are Hear, the flow begins streaming Jazz, words, symbols.  Timbre changes my special orientation, the cadence dominates the rhythm of my heart and riffs emerge transforming my life and prepares me for what is to come.  How about you?  How do you change a negative to a positive?  It doesn’t take magic or delusions it involves your dreams and the courage and imagination to freely improvise the changes the heals and sustains you.  Baby steps in the beginning, with practice it becomes natural and joyous.  Follow your heart and let it lead you to where you never conceived was possible?. Peace Out!

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