Poet’s Beat ~ Jazz Haiku – “Jazz as Chopsticks” by James A. Emanuel

Applied Art Concepts Poetry Painting
Applied Art Concepts Poetry Painting

If Twin’s the arrow
Chop plays bow. No JAZZ fallin’
if they both don’t go.

Chop makes drum sounds SPIN.
Twin coaxes them, herds them in,
JAZZ their next of kin.

Exuberant probes,
clean-wood finger, lacquered bone:
JAZZ dining alone.

“One-legged music?
No such thing.” Wouldn’t say that
if they heard Chop sing.

When stuck on his lick,
Chops runs the scale. Twin slides loose,
then harpoons the whale.

“Chops, whatcha doin’?”
“Waiting for Twin. It’s my bass
his melody’s in.”

Chops: “Hey! That a tree
that fell?” “No. Just me dreamin’
of Mademoiselle.”

This is an excellent example of Jazz Haiku.