Poet’s Beat About God & Things by Wanda Coleman

Jazz Diva
Jazz Diva


i want to have your child

cuz upon losing you

i’ll have more than memory

            more than ache

            more than greatness

i’ll have laughter


i do not mean to be fatalistic

know the limits put on you black man

me, black woman


when you are killed or imprisoned

desert or separate from me

i’ll continue

fill the void of your absence with

love between me and ours





you love me

in your eyes. don’t say it loud


america will never let you



you’re home. it’s a surprise

you’ve made it thru another day

one more night in your arms

to f##@@!!


merge our bodies merge



congress cannot legislate away



eyes wide as suns inquire

where’s daddy?


he’s gone away


i love my daddy


i smile

he’s a good man


eyes wide as suns

burn my hand with a kiss

go outside to play in the streets



what god is about

Wanda Coleman, “About God and Things” from Imagoes. Copyright © 1983 by Wanda Coleman. Reprinted by permission of Black Sparrow Press (Godine).