The Asking and Receiving Life

“All fulfillment comes from within.” Deepak Chopra

In Sunday school I learned that this is one of Jesus’s most extravagant promises. But I have asked and not received. So in order to understand what Jesus actually meant, I had to answer a few questions: Who is doing the asking? Where is the request going to? Who actually receives the request? I know that when I learned about prayer as a child it was childish in many ways because I prayed for dolls and material things that kids would normally want stemming from the development of the ego. So my prayer request fell into an empty space or to a ambiguously fashioned God from my childhood. The prayer request fell onto the deaf ears of the Universe.

So just for today I am going to ask in a new way, by believing every prayer will bring a response. I am going to have the attitude “Ask all of yourself” by Rumi. I am realizing that the wonders of giving and receiving are inside of me. So the next time I pray for anything I will be very specific with my request; I will detach myself from the outcome and not take a demanding stance with respect to that outcome; and to accept whatever response I do get knowing that I am not only waiting for the one I want to hear. I also realize that most of my prayers these days are for my friends, loved ones and those that have touched my life. I pray that you all are blessed and filled with joy and great health and for healing to come where it is necessary. Peace Out!