Karmic Influences

“I must see my life as a work in progress. Nothing about me is ever final.” Deepak Chopra

KARMA is defined as an act, action, activity’, whether mental, emotional, physical, internal or external, and done whether in knowledge, ignorance or casually, by chance, accident or otherwise. Additionally, it is the sum total of the accumulation of results and responses being experienced, due to be so experienced, or being created as events and situations in time, originating from individual and collective action. It seems that folks like to throw the term karma around especially when it comes to “payback”. However, that is not what karma is all about. It is the incorporation of daily practice of living right and doing the right thing by including love, kindness and compassion. I find that in my life karma is what Christians express as the favor of the Lord. It means that accepting the positive and remaining focussed on the good rather than doing negative things, the karmic influences have nothing to do but wax poetic.

So just for today, I am going to breathe the positive influences in like a breath of fresh air, and accept that the negative forces are out there at play, I just will not allow them to dominate and take over my life. To this end, I am once again grateful to my friends, old and new and to this life that I have been given. Karma wise what more can I ask for? Peace Out!