Opposing Forces

I now realize that God makes no demands and sets no particular limits of any kind, on thoughts, words or deeds.

Desire has become a huge problem for me today. There are two forces pulling me in opposite directions. One force that liberates me from my old values and the other force that wants to preserve those values. This causes a polarization that I see in every aspect of my life, especially socially and politically.

These opposing forces can also translate into inner conflicts. The pull of old values is restrictive especially if I believed that God is judgmental, and his demands are not to be flouted. Another way I had been taught in Sunday school is that the ”spirit exists to rebuke the flesh and keep its appetites under control. The force of liberation.” However, I now believe that God is tolerant and loves his creations and asks only for love in return.” I am now growing the right seeds. The things that deeply interest me play the role of Divine Spirit and I feel an irresistible attraction to them. The visible world in all its details is a symbol of God. That symbol comes alive when I gaze at the sky on a warm June day or watch an infant child asleep in the cradle. Whatever captivates me is also trying to wake me up. It has been said “If you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t matter where you start.”

When I follow an impulse of love to wherever it leads, the impulse becomes richer and more intense, and in the end reveals itself as the Divine. This is also true with impulses of gratitude, compassion, kindness, charity, faith, devotion, appreciation, art, and science. So, just for today, my mind wants to expand in the area of my writing, I know that God is waiting for me at the end of the line. Peace Out!