Facing Obstacles

Whenever my ego perceives or encounters an obstacle, I respond by exerting more energy for control. In “ego speak” the world to me becomes a combat zone where winning is the only option. However, it takes a terrible toll on my spirit and soul and I am constantly out of balance and cannot find peace or serenity. When I was growing up, whenever I felt threatened or being attacked I developed weapons of the ego’s mass destruction in retaliation.

Living in my ego centered world stunts my spiritual growth. Now I strive to be acquiescent. I can’t plan how to meet new challenges and obstacles, I have hard-wired myself since childhood to protect myself against worst case scenarios by clinging to a repertoire of habits and reactions that narrow and limit my life. By doing this I have cut off my ability to be spontaneous and to connect with my intuition which hides my true potential from myself.

So, just for today, I am embracing the mysteries of life and remaining fresh at every moment breaking free from my old deep-rooted patterns and beliefs. I am going to trust and allow spontaneity. Whenever I see myself reacting to an obstacle and have started to react using my old patterns, I will stop, close my eyes, take a deep breath and ask God for guidance, receptiveness and compassion. I will allow my next action to come to me from my heart. In essence I will be still, breathe deep and abide by whatever comes to me without worrying about the outcome. Peace Out

2 thoughts on “Facing Obstacles

  1. Then I must applaud you for the spontaneity when you met us to see Raul. Of course, I guess it didn’t help that I was not taking no for an answer.


    1. You and Gerry are and have always been a positive influence and inspiration in my life. That was a challenge that really helped me to grow because I hadn’t been to a great club like Jazz Alley in Seattle. Thanks for leaving a comment. Love ya!


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