Spiritual Baptism

“Be vigilant: guard your mind against negative thoughts.” Buddha

I have been working to become more conscious of all of my thoughts. Allowing my negative thoughts to present themselves and not judging or acting on them. They share the same couch as my positive thoughts. I am constantly amazed at how the perceptions I get from my ego have moved me though the day. So for the last 75 days I have been able to become more positive which has had a visceral effect on me. I have a greater sense of well-being. Of course most of it is attributed to my developing meditations on Faith and attainment of the cosmic “Word”, emanating from cosmic vibration, is also called the “Holy Spirit.” Spirit signifies an intelligent, invisible, conscious force, or intelligent cosmic vibration. It is Holy because the eminent outflowing consciousness of God the Father, or Christ intelligence, guides it to create all finite matter. The ancients, used “Holy Spirit” and “Word” for Intelligent Cosmic Vibration, which is the first materialization of God the Father in matter.

This consciousness means first the dissolution of all wrong desires by good desires and then the conquering of all good desires by the sole desire for blessed contact of God. To know God is not the negation of all desires, but instead their complete fulfillment. I have ego-consciously strived wrongly to fulfill desires by forgetting to distinguish between those of the world and those of the soul. And by wrongly trying to satisfy the senses my soul I became empty and unhappy. My senses craved indulgence, greed, and temptations to excite and amusement, not realizing that the soul can be satisfied only by the calmness, peace, and bliss born of meditation and the moderate use of the sense servants.

So just for today I this day forward I will take my thoughts of ambition for good things, noble achievements, spiritual organizational work, and serving the many will replace desires for selfishness and greed and for helping only one’s myself. I am enjoying all good work and achievements with God. By contacting God in the world and in meditation I have found all of my heart’s desires fulfilled. I have foundd that nothing is more worthwhile, more pleasant, or attractive than the all-beautiful, all-satisfying, all-thirst-quenching, ever-new, joyous presence of God in my life. Peace Out!