Heartfelt Living

I am constantly striving to live a spiritually visioned heartfelt life that not only improves my health, self-confidence and personal performance, but gives me a greater sense of fulfillment and general well-being. So, for today I will examine where I am and what I need to do or change to move forward. It may mean breaking away from all things that are limiting me. I am seeking to develop relationships with people who pull me up and inspire me to rise higher.

Today I am going to practice gratitude as a way of life. One way is for me to witness and catch myself when I am feeling tense and anxious. I will allow and give permission to just feel without acting or judging them. Another way is to identify three (3) things I am grateful for example, this beautiful sunny morning; the great friends and people in my life who love and care about me; and being enormously grateful that I have faith to see the truth, belief and trust that the Lord will resolve and protect me in my journey through life. I have started a Prayer and Gratitude journal so that when I meditate and pray every morning, I will journal my thoughts and feelings.

So today my mantra and healing affirmation that will promote tremendous gratitude is: “Right now, in this very moment, I am and have enough!” I wish that to be so for everyone. Heartfelt living helps me to always remain in the present and when my thoughts are steered away by my ego, I am no longer spiritually living and am thrown into a very uncomfortable space. So I say my mantra, and check back into reality. With great love, Peace Out!