Changes…The only constant!

“Any change even a change for the better is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.” — Arnold Bennett

Day 12. Change, albeit a constant in my life has eluded me all of my life. I didn’t adjust very well becuase it was usually a form of shock therapy treatment my dad would use. I guess it came from his Army-Airforce days when he lived on a “need to know” basis. When we moved from New York to Los Angeles (1959) and then back to New York. (1969), I felt as though I was being ambushed because of course I didn’t have a say in the matter. What the heck did I know?

Well change is still a constant in my life. Especially now that I am changing my life and lifestyle. So today I am re-affirming my commitment to change. I am accepting imperfections as part of the course of action. I am allowing the painful memories and discomfort that creeps in creating doubt about the outcome. I am going to detach myself from any negative outcomes, just allowing them to co-exist with the positive outcomes. Letting go of attachments to how things use to be is like breaking a bad habit. For me, I have learned that it takes 21 days and it has been done. So change and listening to my inner dialogue is the foundation of my personal transformation. It is so liberating and brings so much joy to my daily life. “Transformation vive Personnelle” Peace Out! (Paix Dehors!)